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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Judge

Even though I do repent, when I do something wrong,
My life will still be scarred; I don't feel that I "belong".

A friend asks my forgiveness after they treated me bad.
But there'll always be some mistrust. Such wariness makes me sad.

I may love someone so dearly, but still - personalities clash.
That "line" between birth and death -- is how we live our "dash".

We must carefully live our life, and go to God in prayer.
The Righteous Creator reigns. Our Judge is always fair.

We each make our own choices: do right, or wrong and try to dodge.
One day we'll face that throne. I'm glad God is That Judge.

- by Netagene in about 10 minutes today, March 27, 2011 - I know the meter isn't real good, but I wrote it during this morning's sermon at worship. And yes, I know what Steve preached about - it was about Saul's conversion in Acts 9, then went into a little about the Ethiopian's conversion in Acts 8. And yes, I'm glad God, rather than me, is the one who will judge Jim (my friend since 1959 who passed from this life 3 days ago), me, everyone (II Timothy 4:8) -

Sunday, March 20, 2011

On This Bench ...

I found that after reading an article in today's paper about Margaret Roach. This is from her site and the artist's site: and

Monday, March 14, 2011

Music and more

I've been remiss in posting here, partly because of posting more quick, short ones on FaceBook. A group of us were to have played in palliative care at the VA today. I would have taken my autoharp (not my harpsicle) because I've had one of those 25+ years and of course can play it. I had the bus scheduled, but forecast was not good. I could have gotten there, but rain started before I would have left to come home, and even with my a'harp in a padded gig bag, walking with that, plus a white cane, plus holding an open umbrella - well, I simply didn't want to try to juggle it all.

I've tuned my new harp only once since I got it, but have GOT to start tuning it at least once a day, preferably more frequently, so that the strings will settle so that I can learn to play it. I signed up for group lessons which will start next week.

In the otherwise time, I've been reading, knitting, and crocheting.

And I went to a pot luck supper and a free concert last Saturday night. The chorus from the college I attended left Tampa early that day. This was their first stop on their spring tour. They now cut CDs, but I was in the chorus when they cut their first recording (a 33 1/3 LP) the spring of 1953! The first 2/3rds of the concert was on the Christ's death, burial, and resurrection, and was very moving. After intermission, they performed a few secular songs, mostly from musicals.