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Friday, October 26, 2012

All my poems, etc., part 2

If you are coming to this late, and seeing a lot of things that I call Facebook Poems, there is a reason/excuse. About mid-June, I hadn't posted anything anywhere, nor texted anyone, and I don't like to talk on the phone ... so I decided that, when I can, which is almost every day unless the internet is down or I am out of town and do not have access, that one of the first times I'll do each day is write something - usually a poem - on Facebook. I label it simply "Facebook poems", though they cover a lot of subjects. I am labeling THIS note with all the labels I have used. That way, if you click on some label/subject that you think you might find interesting, everything I've labeled as such will show up on this blog. Thanks for reading what I write. I hope that you get a smile, or a laugh, or some encouragement, or that they make you think, etc. Feel free to comment on things I write, too. Thanks. (I am having to post this twice so as to show all the labels that I've made!)

ALL my poems, etc.!

If you are coming to this late, and seeing a lot of things that I call Facebook Poems, there is a reason/excuse. About mid-June, I hadn't posted anything anywhere, nor texted anyone, and I don't like to talk on the phone ... so I decided that, when I can, which is almost every day unless the internet is down or I am out of town and do not have access, that one of the first times I'll do each day is write something - usually a poem - on Facebook. I label it simply "Facebook poems", though they cover a lot of subjects. I am labeling THIS note with all the labels I have used. That way, if you click on some label/subject that you think you might find interesting, everything I've labeled as such will show up on this blog. Thanks for reading what I write. I hope that you get a smile, or a laugh, or some encouragement, or that they make you think, etc. Feel free to comment on things I write, too. Thanks. (I am having to post this twice so as to show all the labels that I've made!)

FACEBOOK Poems - part 16

Posted at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, October 23.
Worship this morning then lunch with the ladies.
Joining us will be a few men.
The Bible class group at Joy's house,
With some preachers, and some new friends!
I first thought of taking some beans.
Instead, I'll take something to drink.
Others like to cook, and I don't.
And THIS way, no dirty dishes in the kitchen sink!
(The gospel meeting - revival some call it - is this week at the Edwards Lake church of Christ not far from me, and is where Joy Ellis goes. They are having both morning and evening services. Visiting preacher is Curtis Pope, who preaches in Bowling Green, KY. His brother Kyle used to preach at the Sun Valley church, also in this area. Rather than having the Tuesday morning ladies' class at Joy's house, I went to worship with her, then Steve Dewhirst (the regular preacher), Curtis Pope, and the ladies all ate lunch at Joy's house. That evening I went to the Paw Paw Patch, to the monthly supper meeting of the American Council of the Blind. Do I hear an "oink"?)

Posted at 8:47 a.m. Wednesday, October 24.
Three blankets I recently crocheted: Two blue and one in pink.
Got an order now for 3 "Bama" beanies, Two done, one more in a "wink".
(By "Bama" beanies, the order was for 3 beanies in crimson and white, the colors of the University of Alabama. I'll be glad to make such beanies in any colors and yarn you want. I use a good, long-lasting 100% acrylic for the ones that I sell for $5 each. Wool or part wool, etc., would cost more.)

Posted at 10:45 a.m. Thursday, October 25.
How can one little body part – one little right thumb
Hurt so much I almost cry! I think I’d rather it be numb.

Posted at 9:05 a.m. Friday, October 26.
Don't have a dollar. Just have a dime. I'll do what I can, a little at a time.
Don't need to wait 'til I have a lot. I try to help others with the little I've got.

Posted at 1:40 p.m.. also on Friday, October 26.
Today so far's been better than OK! First went to worship with Chris and Joy.
and Drake, age 4, their little grand-boy.After a sermon on a psalm, we lunched at Chick-Fil-A!
(“Grandson” didn’t rhyme. Curtis Pope talked today about Psalm 73.)

Posted at 9:50 a.m. on Saturday, October 27.
High school reunion banquet tonight. Hard to believe it's been 50 years!
I wasn't a part of the "in" crowd then. Didn't fit in with my peers.
Always in chorus, never in band. Never cared much for football games.
Paid for the banquet, and got a ride. They'll be surprised at my moments of "fame".
Surprised that I had a motorcycle, Was a radio D.J. at one time.
Often "march to my own silent drummer". Still a Christian, so I'm doing fine.

Posted at 8:35 a.m. Sunday, October 28.
Prayers today for a family – Sweet lady, several friends say.
Preacher Steve's mother passed last week. Burial tomorrow, funeral today.

Posted at 9:07 a.m. Monday, October 29.
Can't believe this crazy weather. Wind has really turned cold.
No sun shining through the cloud cover. Wish I had someone's hand to hold!
Guess I'll have to settle for cocoa, hot with a marshmallow swirl.
I'm contented with that, and a warm blanket ... Guess that's enough for this ol' girl.
(Written in about 10 minutes the afternoon of Saturday, October 27 ... written by cell phone text! LOL!)

posted at 9:22 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 30.
Yesterday I made some chili from a kit in a box.
Browned 2 pounds of ground chuck.
Tasted so good with some whole wheat bread!
Of course my tummy started fussing – what rotten luck!
And yeah, I ate more before I went to bed, Though I knew I'd toss all through the night.
And oh, it was good, topped with some cheese ... But my gut had a prize-winning fight!
At least it didn't last all through the night!

Posted at 8:47 a.m. Wednesday, October 31.
I replaced a burned out light bulb! You think that's no big deal?
But I am short and legally blind ... stood on tiptoe and did some by feel.

Friday, October 19, 2012


No one is an island, so says an old song.
Each of us needs another, to learn how to get along.
Some might say a mentor, or today: maybe “Superman”
Someone to look to for guidance, someone to lend a hand.

Some set bad examples – movie stars and athletes –
In the news, living immorally – thinking life's all fun and treats.
They're more interested in worldly riches – for others to know them well.
Those aren't the ones to follow. Their paths go down to Hell. 

Look up to someone who's wiser – hopefully your parents are such!
Maybe your best friend's uncle, or a big sister, a preacher, a coach. 
But the best to always look to as mentor – is Jesus, our Lord, the Christ.
His Word is our forever example -- to get to Heaven at last.

~ by Netagene, the 2nd week of October, 2012. I posted the verses on Facebook, with the 1st verse on October 14, the 2nd verse the 17th, the last verse the 19th. I got the idea from the first full sermon that Wesley Peden preached at the Coral Hill church of Christ in Glasgow, Kentucky, Sunday, October 7. He called his sermon "Super Heroes". Wesley is the oldest grandchild of Robert Franklin and Catherine Bagby, who I rode Greyhound Bus to visit October 4-8. When Wesley got in the pulpit and put a picture of Superman on the screen, Catherine and I looked at each other, as "Huh??? Where's he going?" It was a good sermon. I took a few notes. Wesley is also the only one of their grandchildren who’s married. He and his wife are expecting their first child in a few months. I’m sure that was on Wesley’s mind, in talking about how children look up to others, and that it often is a super hero, an athlete, a movie star, etc., but that children need positive mentors.

FACEBOOK Poems - part 15

Posted at 9:50 a.m. Saturday, October 13.
Having repairs done on my house.
Most recently a new roof before it leaked.
Yesterday I got a new back storm door.
The old one was rotting. With rips, it was weak.
A few years ago, I had to get vinyl siding.
This wooden house had spots black with rot.
At the time, I also had a front porch added.
Better do things now, with what money I've got.

(Poems for October 14, 17, and 19 was the 3 verses of a poem called “Super Heroes”, for which I posted separately.)

Posted at 9:50 a.m. Monday, October 15.
On my carport thinking ... Wish I had a purple car.
So what I no longer drive. That's what a chauffeur's for!
If I could afford a purple car, I'm sure I'd have enough money
To also hire a driver ... someone who's safe, smart, and sunny!
(I wrote that the day before, while sitting in a chair on my carport, waiting for my ride to worship. No idea where the thought came from! I thought of ending it with either "... someone who's free, faithful, fair, and funny" or maybe "... someone who's happy, healthy, and a honey"!)

Posted at 9:20 a.m. Wednesday, October 17.
Crazy weather this time of year. Days again almost hot!
No need to turn on heat or the fans. Fuss about the weather? Why not!
At least I save money on yard work. Not much rain anymore.
The weather right now is so pleasant, I don't want to come back indoors!

Posted at 8:40 a.m. Thursday, October 18.
Where do my poems go, when I post them on Facebook?
Here it is 24 hours later .. only 2 found a poem when they looked!
(The poem I posted on Tuesday, actually the 2nd verse of a poem of 3 verses, finally showed up on Facebook 20+ hours later, after other later things! I'm posting that poem: "Super Heroes", separately, rather than in this line-up of Facebook poems.)

Posted at 10:00 a.m. Saturday, October 20.

Last night I was in bed at 1:30 ... the night before, not 'til about 3.
Sometime it's lonely living alone, but it's nice to keep odd hours, and feel free.

Posted at 8:22 a.m. Sunday, October 21.
Unless our hands are empty of things that cause us pain,
God won't fill us with anything new, or make us whole again.
So if your hands hold bitterness, sadness. or other bad things,
empty your hands at Jesus' cross, and be filled with the love God brings.
(I wrote that in a few minutes the evening of October 20, after reading ''God doesn't give us something new unless our hands are empty', spoken by the character Elle Dalton, in the novel “Just Beyond the Clouds”, by Karen Kingsbury, © 2007.)

Posted at 9:32 a.m. Monday, October 22. 
A good day at worship, was yesterday. Then 4 of us ladies ate lunch at Subway.
Marilyn suggested we go visit Camilla who's in assisted living, in her chair with a pillow!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I was accused of LYING!!!

Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it isn't there..

I posted the following on my Facebook page, but think it might be of interest here.

Two days ago, when a friend and I went to a local drug store to get our flu shots, a stranger accused me of lying!

My good friend and I were seated, waiting our turn, and were filling out some papers. A man came over and sat down next to me. He noticed my long white cane, then said, "I KNOW you are not blind. I saw you walk into the store, and walk around as good as the other lady, and fill out some papers".

At least he knew what my cane signified, but I DID have to explain that a person does not have to be totally blind to be legally blind. I explained that I became legally blind 9 years ago this month, and told him about what usable sight I have (good usable sight in one eye, but only straight ahead, no depth perception and almost no peripheral sight), plus the fact that over the years, I've learned to compensate. Hopefully he believed my explanation, which was of course true. I wouldn't know the man again.

I'm sure that Molly C. Corum, Lee Ann Brooks, and a few other of my friends have had similar comments once in awhile though I know I have more usable sight than they have. And Charlotte and Ken Osbourn live alone, and sometimes keep their grandson.
Molly is early 60s, retired, is a 4th generation Floridian and lives in Tampa. I didn’t know her when I lived in Tampa. She has Usher's Syndrome. a hereditary problem that over the years causes both blindness and deafness. She still has a good bit of usable sight but, like me, does have to rely on a long white cane. Without her cochlear implants, she is totally deaf now. We met at the national convention of the Hearing Loss Association of American last June when it was in Providence, RI.

Lee Ann is about 50 and is almost totally blind, due to birth problems caused by Rh blood incompatibility. The doctor thought she'd be deaf, blind, and mentally retarded. She has her master's degree and works full time as a councilor here in Birmingham with the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services. She wasn't my councilor, but became a friend.

Charlotte and Ken have been married almost 40 years. They both were born totally blind due to having been premature. They met at the Alabama School for the blind in Talladega. They live in Irondale (a suburb of Birmingham). They have 3 daughters, all fully sighted. Ken is the current president of the local chapter of the American Council of the Blind, and is also state prez. He has worked in radio and TV all his life, mostly voice-overs, some locally, some nationally.

Molly, Lee Ann, and Charlotte all commented on what I wrote, as did Cheree and Sandy, friends of mine who both who are fully sighted. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

FACEBOOK Poems - part 14

posted at 7:12 a.m. Tuesday, October 2.
Most of today and tomorrow, and Thursday I'll be gone.
God's blessed me with so many friends ... Why should I stay home?
Won't have my usual morning, There's no Bible class today.
I'm sister sitting with Ms. Rena again, but that's always real OK!
Then tonight a supper meeting of the American Council of the Blind.
It's always at the Paw Paw Patch - with friends I'll get to dine!

Posted at 7:50 a.m. Wednesday, October 3.
Sister sitting was what I did
Long but good, yesterday.
Bibles class, lunch, and worship tonight ...
Some work, but some seems more like play!

Speaking of sitting with Ms. Rena yesterday, I wrote the following to a friend, accidentally in rhyme:

She'd rather be UP and MOVING
than merely SITTING and doing.

(At least the supper meeting for the local chapter of the American Council of the Blind was canceled, even though I'd decided not to go, then of course didn't have time to do so. Don't ever think that when you retire, that you won't be busy! You'll find things!)

Posted at 7:36 a.m. Thursday, October 4.
Early lunch this morning with a friend, then about 1 I'll be on the Greyhound.
Get where I'm going about 8 p.m. Can't post, but I'll be around.
I'll probably text a friend, so she can tell you I made it fine.
I'll post if I can do so. Just know I'm having a good time!

Posted at 8:20 a.m. Friday, October 5.
I'm in Glasgow, Kentucky with good friends. I made it fine.
Greyhound ride was an adventure. I'll tell you at a later time.
(I used their laptop at 8:15. Catherine had just gotten up. Robert Franklin had been up awhile and cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs, biscuits).

Posted at 8:40 a.m. Saturday, October 6.
My second Kentucky sunrise ... Cows in the field and chickens in the yard ...
With God's help, my friends paint the scene ... Looks like a pretty picture postcard!
(To which Catherine Bagby commented in rhyme: Our second day of having a guest – an Alabama friend; We eat and talk and laugh, then start all over again.)

Posted at 8:20 a.m. Sunday, October 7.
Sunday morning - the weather is cool.
Will go to worship with friends and follow God's rules.
(I went with Catherine and Robert Franklin to Coral Hill in Glasgow for the morning service, then Doug and Deana Blount and their 3 children got me and I went with them to the Eastside church in Bowling Green for the evening service. I’d never met the Blounts, but had met Sam Stinson, who worships at Eastside, on Brethren-on-line about 2 ½ years ago. He arranged the ride as he and his wife were returning from vacation. They got back to the Eastside building just as the service was ending, but at least I got to meet them for a few minutes!)

Posted at 7:45 p.m. Monday, October 8.
I had a WONDERFUL time the last few days, staying with friends in Kentucky.
I say that I am so very blessed; others might say that I'm lucky.
Got back to Birmingham about 3:40. About 15 'til 6, I walked in my door.
Thought I'd return with less than I took, but I'm pretty sure I bought back more!

Posted at 9:12 a.m. Tuesday, October 9,
Good to be home, though it’s a chilly morning.
The day is clear, and I’m sure later will be warming.
(At 9 a.m., 52 on my porch and 62 in the house.)

Posted at 8:46 a.m. Wednesday, October 10,
Can't seem to get going, though I've never been fast.
I have almost no energy, How long will I last?
It might help to quit eating, so that I'd lose weight,
but carbs taste so good! Is "fat" simply my fate?
(It doesn't help when I attend morning Bible classes twice a week - and we eat afterwards!)

Posted at 9:15 a.m. Thursday, October 11.
Going to get a flu shot, probably today.
I get one every year, to keep the “bugs” at bay.

Posted at 8:52 a.m. Friday, October 12.
Mailed a "get well" card and got "shot" yesterday,
then to the grocery store. It was a beautiful day!
Ms. Eunice is a gift from God, and a real sweet "go-fer"!
Thanks to God for her being my friend and "chauffeur".
(We each got our flu shot at the CVS pharmacy.)

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Narcissus

October 2 marks what has been called "the 9/11 for the Amish".


Some people like attention. They're ''saturated with self''.
Humility is far from them, thinking they'll be the only one left.

They think they'll be standing when others fall. They think they wear Christ's Name.
They don't realize they've not answered the True Gospel call.
They want months and years of fame.

They'd rather try to lead Jesus! ...rather than hide behind Calvary's cross.
They're really egotistical, not realizing that Heaven's their loss.

I got the idea for it from a line in "Amish Grace: How forgiveness transcended tragedy", copyright 2007, by Donald B. Kraybill, Steven M. Nolt, and David L. Weaver-Zercher. In chapter 7, there is a note about another book, "The Saturated Self" by psychologist Kenneth J. Gergen, who says that we are "a culture obsessed with personal desires ... a culture of narcissism".

"Amish Grace: How forgiveness transcended tragedy" is a book a friend of mine loaned me. It is a true story about the massacre on October 2, 2006, at the Nickel Mines school in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where a man barged into the school house about mid-morning, and shot 10 little girls, of which 5 died.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

FACEBOOK Poems - part 13

8:15 a.m. Tuesday, September 25
Today I'll “sister sit” for awhile.
Ms. Rena's in her 90s, always makes me smile.

8:38 a.m. Wednesday, September 26.
Better is a burger that I share with a friend,
than a steak all alone just for me.
Better to cry with a friend who is sad,
than to laugh all alone heartily.
(10:30 a.m. at the church house today, then all who wanted to, went to the Olive Garden for lunch ... so today I ate - and laughed - with 13 other ladies and 3 men! But other days, YES, I'd rather have a burger with a friend than some fancy food by myself.)

9 a.m. Thursday, September 27. 
A bit soon to worship last night was fine.
Joyce got me early. She forgot what time.
We usually meet at 6:30, but last night met at 7.
Would be wonderful, though, to be early to Heaven!

9:27 a.m. Friday, September 28.
The weather is crazy. Today it is hot.
Doesn't change if I fuss, doesn't change if I not.
There's better things to think on, and so
Good thoughts on my mind, rather than "woe, woe, woe"!

8:40 a.m. Saturday, September 29.
If I'm up after midnight, I sometimes start seeing things ...
Crawlies on the floor, or movements that have wings.
I know my eyes and brain plays tricks,
but I sure wish they would cease,
Of course if I went to bed earlier, rather than hallucinations, I'd be sound asleep!

7:45 a.m. Sunday, September 30.
One day of the week, we ate some "gospel bird".
You mean you've never heard that? It's really not absurd!
Just think of Sunday dinner, when company came to meet
Each other for a meal! Chicken! Let's all eat!
(First of course: spiritual food at worship. Weather forecast is 90% rain today but some of us still went to lunch. As Ms. Eunice says, rain or not, we still have to eat! Chicken is also known as "yard bird”.)

9:00 a.m. Monday, October 1.
Going to be a busy week. Can't post every day.
This is my only ''stay home''. Other times, I'll be away.
Glad I'm staying home today. Forecast again is rain.
I'll stay busy with something! Work the little cells in my brain!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Have you ever heard of Darwin's Sheep? or someone who wanders 'round?
often straying from the flock – whose nose is to the ground?

The grass is good in front of it. It rarely lifts its eyes,
then suddenly, it's far away, much to its surprise.

It's wedged into a corner. No way can it back out –
or a step from falling off a cliff, e'en it hears the shepherd’s shout.

But some sheep just won't listen. The shepherd knows what's best.
That one wouldn't be a good breeder. Let it go to save the rest.

Some times some folks can be like sheep, meandering on their way –
aimlessly in their own world, not noticing where they stray.

The shepherd can only do so much – won't force from the rocky steep.
Do YOU follow The Good Shepherd? or are you one of Darwin's sheep?

~ by Netagene, about 1 a.m. (middle of the night), September 23/24, 2012 ~

A few applicable verses from the New Testament: Matthew 10:14; Mark 4:19; John 10; Romans 1:24; I Timothy 6:8-9; Hebrews 6:4-8; James 1:12-15; I Peter 2:25; II Peter 2:9-21.

Here's where I got the idea for the poem.

I’d never heard of "Darwin's sheep" until I read about it in a novel. I looked it up. It refers to a sheep that wanders from the flock, maybe keeps its nose to the ground while eating, doesn’t pay attention to where it’s going, etc., and thus often eats itself into a corner and can’t get out, or follows the good grass down a cliff and can’t get back up, and so starves or maybe falls to its death, into a crevasse, etc. You get the idea … and the shepherd doesn’t bother to go after it, or after trying with no results, lets it go … because he doesn’t want a sheep like that to breed in with his flock … “survival of the fittest” … thus “Darwin’s sheep”.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

FACEBOOK Poems - part 12

8:37 a.m. Wednesday, September 19, 2012.
It was pouring rain, but the day was bright.
Cloud cover, but the sun shone through!
Thought for sure that there'd be a rainbow ...
God's promise in pink, green, and blue!

But the only thing that could be seen ...
Rain-fed earth, grasses green ...
Drawn with God's lovely brush-painted sheen ...
Dirty things had been made clean.

Just as we're washed in the blood,
buried with Christ, o'erwhelmed by flood ...
Sprinkling's wrong. That just won't do.
Raised to live a life brand new.
(Kind of a double poem I wrote the previous day, about what was happening then. Temperature on my porch about 8 a.m. was 55 cool degrees! Bible class at the Huffman church of Christ building at 10:30 today.)

8:07 a.m. Thursday, September 20.
My brain today is running slow.
The rhymes right now are getting low.
The weather’s changed and there’s a chill.
I’ll blame that on why my thinking’s taken a spill.
(I know the meter on that last line isn't good.)

8:55 a.m. Friday, September 21.
A Waffle House just opened up about 2 miles from me.
Yesterday I went with a friend and we ate mightily!
Do you call that gluttony?
(As one friend pointed out, because I took about half of mine home for a couple other meals, it wasn't gluttony.)

7:55 a.m. Saturday, September 22.
Crocheting so slow I was almost going backward ...
Or “frogging” some yarn 'cause I made a mistake.
I know that I'm tired when I can't do an ''easy'' -
When a nap's on my mind and the time isn't late.

8:10 a.m. Sunday, September 23.
Where I go to worship,
our gospel meeting starts today.
We don't try to "prosetyze" -
Only Jesus can lead the way.
The visiting preacher is originally from here.
I look forward to hearing him speak.
I'm sure it will be God's Words he says -
Powerful, but meek. 

9:50 a.m. Monday, September 24.
The seasons change. There's now a chill.
Birds? Mostly crows -- the song birds are still.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

FACEBOOK Poems - part 11

8:30 a.m. Wednesday, September 12. 2012. 
'Maters and 'taters and corn and beans!
No wonder I can't fit in my old blue jeans!
Oh, how those carbs and such go to my hips,
But umm! the good taste when they go past my lips!

8:25 a.m. Thursday, September 13. 
I'm a yarnaholic, but no 12 steps.
It's relaxing to me; I don't need any "helps"!
Two needles or one hook are oft' in my hand.
I'll "yarn" you something as fast as I can!

9:24 a.m. Friday, September 14. 
When the weather's nice, guess where I'll be -
On my front porch. Wish you could join me!

10:00 a.m. Saturday, September 15.
Happiness comes from within.
I'll do my best to avoid sin.

(I've been up awhile ... just now signing on! Gotta get something to eat, get the morning's newspaper ... and back to crocheting! On my screened-in front porch of course!)

7:43 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 16
I'll live forever but where will I be? God gave me birth for eternity!
E'en tho' life here is sometimes sad, by obeying God, my forever-life will be glad.

(Written May 27 & August 28, 2011)

9:06 a.m. Monday, September 17.
There was a quick cloudburst during preaching last night.
Forecast: 100% rain the next 2 days.
But I've no problems. Everything is all right.
And I'll always give God the praise!

(That's according to the NOAA site. It's wasn’t raining right at that minute, but I did go put some things in the mailbox, bring the garbage can from the curb back to the house, and get the newspaper - and sit on the front porch while I could.)

8:40 a.m. Tuesday, September 18.
Forecast was right - 100 percent –
raining straight down. Glad I'm not in a tent!
Recently got a new roof - old one there'd been a while.
I'm safe and I'm dry. Contented ... I smile.

(Right then, it's wasn’t raining, but it WAS thundering. It WAS raining, straight down, hard, when I wrote that the previous day. And the forecast was still 100%.)

FACEBOOK Poems - part 10

8:15 a.m. Tuesday, September 4, 2012.
No Bible class today. Can't think of how to rhyme.
Surgery for someone. Feel sure all will go fine.

(The class is at Joy's house; her mother Sara also attends. Joe is Joy's father/Sara's husband. He's having vein surgery on one leg this day and on the other leg tomorrow.)

8:40 a.m. Wednesday, September 5.
Wednesday morning Bible class starts again today!
Nice to study with friends. I'll soon be on my way!

(This one's only during the school year. We meet in a room at the Huffman church house. Not sure what we’d be studying, but I found out when I got there! It’s a book about the conquest of Canaan and the Israelite judges.)

9:55 a.m. Thursday, September 6.
When I wake up choking, I take half a Claritin.
Store brand works just as fine, 'til I breathe easy again.

(Crazy weather! Also felt like someone hit me in the eye - at least it's my left eye. As I was posting that, the temperature was 75 and the humidity was 80%.)

9:05 a.m. Friday, September 7.
You probably have some friends who I don't like,
and I probably have some of whom you're not fond.
But neither of us should try to control the other
Much better that we could be friends and have a close bond.

(I wrote that in a few minutes the previous day after someone called to tell me that she was unfriending me because of some people I am friends with on Facebook.)

9:33 a.m. Saturday, September 8.
Saturday is here again, but most days I just yawn.
I retired in twenty-ten. Don't get up 'fore dawn.

(For my last job, I had to ride the paratransit bus. My driver was usually at my house about 6 a.m. to get me to work by 7:30.)

8:09 a.m. Sunday, September 9.
Sunday morning, worship again –
all together, both women and men.
Not separated, as some churches do.
God is Creator, and He'll see us through.

9:25 a.m. Monday, September 10.
Got a big sty in my eye -
hurts, oh my! Makes me cry!

(The lady who sits near me at worship is the one who spotted the problem - a big white blog on the inside of my lower left eyelid. I haven't had a sty in "ages".)

9:05 a.m. Monday, September 11.
The weather has changed. The humidity's high.
The temperature's nice, but the ''fog'' hurts my eye.
It's somewhat like wading - drops hang in the air,
but at least things are cooler, and the mist will soon clear.

FACEBOOK Poems - part 9

9:20 a.m. Tuesday, August 28, 2012.
God made the rules. He gives the test.
For every day, I'll do my best.

8:35 a.m. Wednesday, August 29.
Writing a poem a day is really hard.
Lets you and me know I'm not much of a bard!

9:50 a.m. Thursday, August 30.
Can't believe how late I stayed up last night, reading!
To bed at 3:45!
Wasn't long before the sun this morning woke me,
So I'm not "lively" but yeah, I'm alive.

8:52 a.m. Friday, August 31.
I had a good night; hope you did, too.
Weather looks like it'll be a nice day.
Pat's coming over - she's a real good friend.
We're going to lunch and to Lifeway.

9:48 a.m. Saturday, September 1, 2012.
So many books, so little time - so much yarn to crochet!
When I die, I'll have a book or a hook in my hand
When my body's put into the clay!
But I learn from books, and I crochet things,
And both help me to unwind.
I'm content with my lot and here I'll stay,
Until God calls me home in His time.

8:00 a.m. Sunday, September 2.
The Amish are called the "Plain" people.
I've been reading about them awhile.
Mostly they seem contented.
No matter what happens, they smile.
Daily they read their Bibles. Daily they also pray.
They work unattached to the outside.
Shouldn't we all be somewhat that way?

(written in a few minutes on Saturday, August 25)

9:10 a.m. Monday, September 3.
I know the sun is shining, and that it's shining here,
but there's a really thick cloud cover. Today is storming and drear.
Cannot see the sun, tho' time is after nine.
It’s raining steady, gloomy, but with God, the day is fine.

(So it's not one of my best. I wrote it as I was posting it. When the rain let up a little, I brought in the day's newspaper. Sugar melts; salt lumps. I'm not sugar, so I'm OK!)

FACEBOOK Poems - part 8

7:55 a.m. Monday, August 20, 2012.
''Be it ever so humble'', so says the song -
tho' mine is real messy, ''there's no place like home'.
... and it's where I belong.

(From Wikipedia: The lyrics to the song: "Home, Sweet Home" were written by John Howard Payne and the music composed by Sir Henry Bishop, in 1823.)
8:42 a.m. Tuesday, August 21.
Every family has some: clueless uncles and goofy aunts ...
so if I'm too old to be your honey,
I'd still like to join you for a meal or a dance!

(written in less than 10 minutes on Friday, August 10)

9:35 a.m. Wednesday, August 22.
Been up awhile - better go eat.
Strawberry ice cream - that's my treat!

9:05 a.m. Thursday, August 23.
Death and taxes and bugs and bills -
Daily with me and always will.
But I'm thankful for other things -
I'm alive so my heart mostly sings!
While I'm still breathing, I know I can cope
With all of my problems, and I still have hope.
Thank you, God, for forgiveness when I stray.
I know I'll be blessed with Heaven one day,

(written in about 10 minutes late the previous day)

8:20 a.m. Friday, August 24.
Love is patient so while I'm living -
I know God is love - patient and forgiving.

8:15 a.m. Sunday, August 26.
Why are some people nasty? Why do some like to control?
Don't they know when they hurt others,
it also leaves them in the cold?
I know God knows what goes on, and that He cares for me,
but when a friend becomes hateful,
I wish my brain had a ''delete'' key.
Such meanness is like a virus that eats inside my brain.
Please, God, remind me to praise you,
Please God, take away my pain.

(written in about 10 minutes the previous evening.)

8:50 a.m. Monday, August 27.
Oh how terrible to be sick, especially on Sunday morning -
Can't chance exposing others, so I'll stay in bed, a'groaning.

(written especially for Joyce Brumbeloe, who was sick the previous day and unable to make it to worship.)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FACEBOOK Poems - part 7

9:45 a.m. Tuesday, August 14, 2012.
I was up but the internet was down. That's why I didn't check in.
I did some other stuff, and as you can tell, I'm finally on line again.

8:55 a.m. Wednesday, August 15.
Crocheting and reading are my pastimes. The house will be here when I'm not.
I pity my friend who will handle my things ... getting rid of all the stuff that I've got!

7:50 a.m. Thursday, August 16.
Today I think I'll ride the bus. The weather's not quite so hot.
There's a grocery about 4 miles away. The store's name is Save-a-lot.

10:03 p.m. Thursday, August 16.
Supper for mosquitoes - that's what I became.
I wanted to stay out on my porch,
But my arms began to feel a'flame!
I came in and smeared on some stuff.
I also took some meds.
My arms are still hurting real badly
so I'm going real early to bed.

9:25 a.m. Friday, August 17.
Need calamine lotion, took benedryl. Wish I didn't have to take a pill!
Still itchy arms from skeeter bites, but I'm alive ... guess I'm all right.

9:30 a.m. Saturday, August 18.
To bed after midnight, I woke up late - of course.
"Checkin' in" as usual, feelin' no remorse!

Sure I get a bit lonesome sometimes, but think of this:
I keep what hours I want to.
I get up when I want to.
I eat when I want to.
I go to bed when I want to.
Last night I went to bed about 2 a.m., and got up today about 8 a.m.

8:15 a.m. Sunday, August 19.
When it comes to preaching,
there's so much to be done here at home.
But I pray God's special blessings
on those who decide to roam.

Some friends of mine - the Buchanans –
Four children and Debbie and James -
are leaving tomorrow for South Africa,
going to work for Jesus' Name.
So friends, I'll be praying for you –
praying you're wonderfully blessed,
as you work for Christ in His Kingdom.
God speed. I wish you the best. 

FACEBOOK Poems - part 6

8:14 a.m. Sunday, August 5, 2012.
I'm going to worship God today. It won't be from my home.
Encouraging one another cannot be done alone.

(Bible study starts at 9:30, worship service at 10:30 for about an hour, then another hour beginning at 5 p.m. Wish you were here and could be with me. I figure if a person can go to the store for a couple hours on Saturday and to work for 8+ hours on Monday, that they can go to a church house for a few hours on Sunday.)

9:15 a.m. Monday, August 6.
Awake again. O happy day. I love the peace and quiet.
I thank God that I am so blessed with more time to get things right.

8:10 a.m. Tuesday, August 7.
A Bible class again today --
Study God's Word so I'm less to stray.

9:15 a.m. Wednesday, August 8.
The separation we call death is hard, no matter when,
But it's easier if that one's a Christian, knowing we'll see them once again.

(I wrote this in less than 10 minutes Thursday, July 26, in anticipation of Chester Campbell's passing. Joyce Brumbeloe, her daughter Tina Howard, Eunice Davis, and I rode together to the viewing at noon and funeral at 1:00. Sad that Chester's no longer with us, but he's with someone better. When we wave goodbye from this shore, others are welcoming him on that better shore.)

9:10 a.m. Thursday, August 9.
Back when I was in my 40s, I rode a motorbike.
And for years, I was a radio DJ! I've had an interesting life.
College, marriage, and divorce, But most importantly:
I'm a Christian, and I worship God. That counts - eternally.

9:40 a.m. Friday, August 10.
I don't know how long for me that I can keep this going -
Writing poems every day and make them not too boring.

8:55 a.m. Saturday, August 11.
A year ago this morning, my family and I had to weep.
Angels I'm sure welcomed Mother,
as she passed from this life in her sleep.

8:15 a.m. Sunday, August 12. 
It's hard to let a good friend go,but death comes, ready or not.
We'd better live as God commands because this life is all we’ve got.

(I'm going to worship God this morning at the church house, to be encouraged and hopefully to encourage others. Where are YOU going today?)

8:33 a.m. Monday, August 13.
I'm up so now will get my hooks -
Crochet some and read some books.


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