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Saturday, September 3, 2016


Southern like no other'n --
Tasty fried green 'maters!
Salt and pepper added
To those, and mashed pertaters!

Southern like no other'n --
Kentucky Wonders! (Them's green beans!)
Sweet corn from Granny's garden!
Goodness! What I mean!

Southern like no other'n --
Biscuits and country ham!
Scuppernongs from the arbor --
Mama made some into jam!

Southern like no other'n --
Okry from Grandpa's yard --
Cornbread and sweet cream butter!
This eatin' makes me t'ared!

Southern like no other'n -- 
Egg custard and choc’lit cake --
Lemon meringue and nanner puddin' – 
Yum! How them aunties can bake!

Southern like no other'n --
Pecans from a big ol' tree --
Sorghum syrup ... I want some!
I hope that pie's for me!

Southern like no other'n --
Got a job for old man Geezer!
Add milk and eggs and berries.
Start crankin’ that ice cream freezer!

Southern like no other'n -- 
If you're hungry, well, it's your own fault! 
There ain't gonna be no leftovers.
"Clean your plate" 's what we was taught.

Southern like no other'n --
Sweet tea and ginger snaps --
A sugar high! 0h, definitely!
Then us'll take some naps!

Southern like no other'n --
Let's bow our heads and pray.
"We thank you, Heavenly Father,
For blessin’ us every day!"

-- by Netagene Kirkpatrick. I wrote all but 2 verses in less than an hour on September 3, 2016! I actually wrote the title, not thinking about a poem, when I commented on the Bud's Best cookies Facebook wall a couple of days previously! I wrote 2 additional verses (I'm not telling which ones!) on September 4. --


"Hypocrite" is a Greek word, an actor in a play --
Disguising, hiding who he is, changing character whenever he may.

The masked one isn't on hiatus. The imposter doesn't sleep.
He hides in the shadowy wings to surprise and pounce and keep.

An actor you don't suspect, laughing at his wiles ...
Like a comic movie villian ... suckering you in with his smiles.

You and I have enemies -- some disguised as friends.
You say you don't? Is that a lie? What will be your end?

Be suspicious if you don't know a person, if they come on too close and too sure.
Be pleasant but don't be gullible, til you're positive they're motives are pure.

Anyone can be your enemy. Sometimes the choice is hard.
It might even be a kinsman. Be always on your guard.

Satan's a chameleon. He morphs so he'll fit in.
He hooks you on some story, doing all to make you sin.

He acts as if he's friendly. But Satan's the father of lies.
You think you've got a new buddy, but it's Lucifer in disguise.

A wolf in a sheep's clothing, an enemy watching you on the sly.
Stay close to your Good Shepherd. He's the one who'll answer your cry.

Like a shepherd with a lambkin, He cradles you in His arms,
Away from two-faced enemies, saving you from harm.

God, the Good Shepherd, leads you safely, an escape from the serpent's snares,
So always follow Jesus. He's the only one who cares.

The enemy is probably smiling, an actor with subliminal voice.
Don't follow the sweet subtle sirens. Make Jesus your heavenly choice.

-- by Netagene Kirkpatrick, August 21 - September 2, 2016. I have no idea where I got the idea! --