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I am a member of the church of Christ. I have been writing things since I was little. Some have been printed, some posted. I write to teach or encourage; to blow off steam; and for fun! I had my own motorcycle in my 40s; I was a bluegrass music DJ for about 13 years; I've performed some. I am a member of the NRA. In 2003 (age 59), I became high partial legally blind; in 2005, I had to get hearing aids! Franklin Field said: "Poor eyes limit your sight; poor vision limits your deeds". And no kidding, the picture was made April, 2012!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I wrote that yesterday was a heat wave. I was wrong. It wasn't. The temperature got to 72 today!

I got a ride to the grocery store, and sat on my porch to read the paper and crochet and eat! Storms forecast for tonight and tomorrow - 100% chance of rain, then back to freezing. Party tonight 6-10 (church folks like last year) canceled - too many out sick.

Too late to arrange to go to the Alabama Symphony Orchestra's New Year's Eve concert. This is the 9th one they've had, and I've attended 5 of them - missed the 1st in 2003 because of eye surgery, missed another because it was Sunday and no way to get there, missed last year's because of the aforementioned party. They are early: 6-about 8:15, held at The Alabama Theater, and a sell-out or almost. I've always bought a "nose-bleed" seat (the cheapest but the sound is the best). The ASO fashions the concert on the ones held in Vienna, Austria, ending with the "The Blue Danube" waltz and the "Radetzy Polka". You can find wonderful versions of those 2 songs on youtube.

At least with the rain, the neighborhood should be quiet!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Today is a "heat wave"! The temperature is mid-50s. Still chilly wind, and damp air (storms forecast).

I wish our mayor and city council members were forced to ride the city buses. They spend so much money for "consultants" for things that have either been voted down (such a domed stadium - the 17,000 seat arena we have is rarely filled), or for other projects that would be fine if more of us could get to and from such places.

The bus people get the blame when NO ONE can do anything without money! There is no dedicated funding here for public transit.

The 1st "uh-oh" today is that it took me an hour and a half to go somewhere which should have taken about 30 minutes. I scheduled paratransit to go a store. The driver was on time and had no other stops before dropping me off. The transmission on that bus was acting up, so she drove to the bus yard (which was on the way) to get another bus. The 2nd bus stalled right after she rounded malfunction junction downtown. She got it rolling again, but almost hit a concrete overpass rail in getting the bus off the travel lane. She radioed for a supervisor and for a mechanic. After she dropped me off, she was to get a lady in a wheelchair. The bus that the mechanic brought ran fine, but the lift wouldn't work, so I know another driver had to pick up the other person. The dispatcher did at least let me get my ticket back.

The 2nd "uh-oh" is that the store I went to was Michael's Arts & Crafts. I bought about $200 worth! But at least I paid less than $100 (had you going there, didn't I!) ... because of a gift certificate and because all but 3 small items I bought were on sale! It's hard for me to pass up soft 100% wool yarn that's 40% off in price! I bought that as well as other beautiful yarn and some other things, a few which were 70% off (wintry things: snowflakes, etc.). I make a lot of hat/scarf sets, some shawls, some baby blankets, and so on. I will gradually be posting pictures of things I make, which I will sell, on my other blog.

So now I've got even more yarn to knit (some) and crochet (a lot)! If you'd like to buy some of the things I make, let me know!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Still Cold!

It's getting old staying inside, so with the thermometer on the front porch showing 40 (a heat wave!), I put silk long johns on under my slacks, added a tank top under a turtle neck long sleeve pullover, socks and Crocs, gloves, a fuzzy beret, and a windbreaker with a hood, and left home for almost an hour. Three of the 4 front steps were still icy, so I put a bath towel on them to get to the driveway. I left the towel on the car(less) carport, knowing I'd need it later. I walked the equivalent of a block or 2 to the Family Dollar store and bought a few goodies. My new phone has a camera, so even though my neighbors' yards have been clear of snow since Sunday afternoon, my yard still has snow! Here's a picture of my front yard, and the SE corner of the back yard. Brrr!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yucky Snow and Ice!

My yard is about the only one that still had considerable snow all today. My house faces north.

To the east is a vacant building (formerly fast food) so is mostly parking lot. The back yard of the house to the west, which back yard and the west side of my lot joins, was almost completely clear of snow mid-afternoon, as was the back yard of the house slightly behind me (our back yards meet at an angle). The front yards of the houses across the street from me (which face south) were also almost completely clear of snow mid-afternoon.

But all of my yard that I could see (no windows on the east side, but that side is surrounded by the house, and trees on 2 sides) still was almost completely covered with snow. I have a screened-in front porch, with 4 steps to the driveway. About noon, I leaned out a little and brushed the snow off, then threw down a bath towel, gingerly stepped down 2, and by using a "grabber", got my newspaper (the carrier puts it right at the base of the steps). The back deck also stayed covered with ice and snow.

Worship was changed to 3 p.m. only today, but neither the folks I ride with, nor I, attended. There are just too many hills in this area, as well as a lot of areas that never get much sun. I'm sure there was plenty of black ice. I've been reading the paper, working the word puzzles, knitting, crocheting, eating, and singing church songs.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Are Weeds - Flowers?

Is it a weed, or is it a flower?
Insidious invader? Oh, don't look so sour!
Dandelions yellow and low to the ground -
I love to see them everywhere, so pretty, sunny, and round!
Nandinas and lantana can take over, and spread,
But they're lovely when contained, maybe bordered in a garden bed.
I love the sweet honey that bees make from clover.
The white, red, and purple makes a useful ground cover.
And the nectar from honeysuckle covering the fence -
Sure it can take over - long vines that grow dense.
Some plants keep soil from eroding. I've seen mangrove trees.
Don't dredge and fill for condos, but let the beaches "be".
Some plants that are called real flowers can still take up a yard.
You plant and prune and still they die, even when you've worked so hard!
Ivy climbs. Its tendrils grab, covering trees and walls,
But it, too, stops erosion, like a green cascading fall.
You dig and plant and twist your back. You ache, and land in bed.
I'll relax on my swing and enjoy my weeds - pink, green, yellow, and red!

- by Netagene - Mother gave me some of her old "Birds & Blooms" magazines, so just before midnight (a couple of hours ago), I wrote this. And yes, I DO love it when my yard has a lot of dandelions - I DO think they are beautiful - and clover and ivy, and honeysuckle on the back fence, though I did have to have the nandina dug up because it was starting to spread too much and I had not the eyesight nor the energy nor the money to put a "wall" of bricks to enclose it. -

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Housework versus ...

When Mother calls, she usually asks what I'm doing. This morning I told her, "Reading the paper and working the puzzles in the paper - how can I do housework when there's so many puzzles to work!!!" (And crocheting and knitting to do! I always have some "WIP": right now - a baby blanket, a chicken-in-a-basket tea cozy, and a couple of scarfs ...) I work the search word puzzles, the scrambled word puzzles, and the crossword puzzles; once in a great while I can figure out the cryptograms; I've never been able to work Sudoku! (I wasn't good in algebra either; in my mind, numbers and letters don't mix!)

The house will be here when I'm gone ...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Music to God!

Thinking about singing and how sometimes my voice is so bad that I don't like to hear it, even though I was in school choruses from about the 4th grade on through junior college. I am mostly a 2nd alto, but because I learned to read music, sometimes I'll sing lead or tenor as well as alto, depending on the pitch.

Many years ago, Luther Blackmon, a preacher for the church of Christ who I guess did not have what is considered a good singing voice, said that his voice sounded like "an alligator eating Post Toasties".

Also, at the Eureka Springs church in metro Tampa, Florida, was a woman, who like most of us there, loved to sing. I remember that she could carry a tune just fine, but her voice was so grating that it almost hurt to hear her - and hear her, we did because with the quality of her voice, which of course she was unable to help, did not blend and could easily be picked out in a crowd of singers.

But to God? Well, we are commanded to sing. If it's beautiful praise to God, who am I to question it? " ... I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also" - I Corinthians 14:15.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tall Pines

I wish I knew about how tall these pines are! Both were made with my phone camera, while standing on Mother's front porch. Her house is on the high side of the road, and the porch is about 15' above the ground. As you can tell, you can't see either the bottom or the tops of some of the trees. The lighter one is facing South and the darker one (with a bit of the house eave) is facing West so is more of a silhouette.

A Day with Mother

This is the first picture I made with my new phone, the first time I've had a phone with a camera. I got to spend 8 hours today with Mother. She is 93. You can compare this to a picture I posted January 27. The recliner is one that has an electrical switch to raise and lower the seat, making it easy to get in and out of. To the lower right of the picture is the floral tapestry case that has her Bible. She uses a simple wooden walking cane (on her left). She is holding a search words book. Mentally she is still sharp; physically she is very frail. Her hair is "glow in the dark" white, and she has blue eyes. At her biggest, she was about 5'6" and maybe 150 pounds; she is now real bowed over, and weighs about 90. I fixed a pack of Knorr pasta alfredo to which I added some canned chicken and cheese for our lunch. We both worked some search word puzzles, and I crocheted some and worked some scrambled word puzzles and some crossword puzzles. We had a wonderful time!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Reminder for this time of year

Rather than re-posting, I hope you will go back to what I wrote on December 10 & 18 of last year. December 25 is NOT the Lord's birthday, and it is a sin to celebrate it as a "holy day". I do not, and hope you do not, either. We are to study the Scriptures, and not to add to it.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Other than not doing much housework - LOL! - I've been to 3 musical events this week.

Last Sunday at 3 p.m. was the free handbell concert ( at the Museum of Art. Neighbor Anthony (sighted, he drives!) and friend Shane (legally blind) and I went to it. There were only 15 ringers but they sure put out a lot of music!

Tuesday night was the party of the local chapter of the American Council of the Blind. For the 2nd year, it was at The Club on Red Mountain. For those of us with usable sight, it is about the most gorgeous view of the city at night - you can see all of downtown and more! But the weather was freezing and the wind there will almost blow you over! Each member can invite one guest, and I try to invite someone different to each of our events, so again, I invited Anthony. Besides food, we also sing, and Ken (our prez - his site is plays a Q-chord. Sort of his signature song is a parody of "The 12 Days of Christmas" (one written by Alan Sherman, of "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadda" fame). Various ones sing sometimes, and we all join in. Besides Ken, 2 others who are totally blind also play instruments and sing. Pam plays guitar, and Lynn plays folk harp. One year I bought a bunch of real good kazoos (I think the site is simply, and we had a blast tooting them! They work real well on "The Grinch Song". This time, unbeknownst to anyone, when we started singing "Jingle Bells", as soon as the chorus started, I pulled out a bunch of sleigh bells ... then later in the song - a kazoo - and ended with a slide whistle.

The final concert of this week was last night. I take the newspaper (glad I again have sufficient sight to read it) and always look for free and inexpensive things to do. I'd told Anthony, and he called me about 6 and asked if I was ready to go. I told him I wasn't going. He urged. We went. The concert was at the library nearest us, and was Keith Williams (he also has a site). He's 40 and won his 1st guitar concert when he was 7! Talk about some smooth, beautiful, relaxing jazz guitar playing! Usually those library concerts last an hour, but he was allowed to go for 2 hours! (And they had munchies: spiced cider, cookies, brownies, pretzels, etc.)

And in the words of one song he played, "What a Wonderful World"!

My Last Day at Work

I am not much for parties, and I let it be known at work that I did not want a going away party. I had worked there a little less than 5 years, so was not retiring. Of course I ride VIP (the local bus company's name for their paratransit service, which is door-to-door). I also let it be known that if, on my last day, there was a party for me, that I would walk out, and walk the 2 blocks on the busy highway (no sidewalks) to the nearest fixed route bus stop. My co-workers knew me well enough to know that I would do just that. I wasn't real sure if I'd show up for work on Monday and Tuesday, November 29 & 30 or not. I DID go to work that Monday, and got the hardest work done so that my replacement (a lady transferring from another department - I told her she may be going from "the frying pan into the fire") wouldn't be hit with that first thing while trying to learn the things.

I planned to at least stick my head in the door for 5 minutes on Tuesday, the 30th, but have my driver wait, then get back on the bus. I had permission to ride Jeff's whole morning route (he works a split shift) and spend some time at the bus yard. As usual, I had a little gift for each VIP employee (about 48 people: bosses, admin, 8 schedulers, 4 dispatchers, and drivers). I buy gifts in January when they are marked way down, and had bought a bunch of beautiful 4" faceted plastic snowflakes, which supposedly was to hang on a tree, but I put one on a ribbon and wore it as a pendant. I put the snowflakes in Christmas cards. A few said they'd hang it for a sun catcher, and others - on their car rear view mirror.

The weather was real nasty that day, so I didn't even have Jeff stop at my work place. I had a wonderful time though, at the bus yard. I always do. I've gotten to know so many in the almost 5 years I've been riding VIP. I am not a hugger, but I got more hugs in those few hours than I could count! So my "last day at work" was real nice!

Paying "Uncle Sam"

This is a more personal note than usual. Shortly after I became legally blind (October, 2003), one of my ophthalmologists, who is now chief-of-staff of the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital, filled out the paper work for me to get Social Security Disability Insurance. Even though I was able to get another job a few years later, I was still making less money and thus was always on that SSDI. When I turned 66 earlier this year, I was automatically rolled to regular Social Security. Last tax time, I had gone over the limit a little, so it was if I had worked for free for maybe a month the previous year. So I decided to quit this year - and did so on November 30. The finances still may be such that I worked "free" a month or so. But I can't see doing that. With God's help, I'll make it even though Medicare takes a chunk out of my Social Security. Of course it also may come down to my not "supporting my habits" ... buying diet Dr Pepper, and yarn!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Saying "Amen!"

God says that we must worship in spirit and in truth.
We're actively to worship, not bench-warming or aloof.
Some people are more vocal in class or singing praise,
While others nod in silence - agree in different ways.

But one thing really gets me (some people don't hear well),
And that's when people mumble in what they have to tell.
Some microphones are cordless, but worthless unless used.
Some men don't use correctly, and others - simply refuse.

What if some man teaches error - might lead someone to sin?
If I can't comprehend the speaker,
I'd better not say "Amen!"

- by Netagene, written in a few minutes just now - Even when my hearing was better, it bothered me when men at worship (or anyone anywhere) didn't speak distinctly or into a microphone. Why have a mic when you are not going to use it, or use it properly? Maybe I'm a bit more sensitive (?) to that because of having been a DJ and performed some, and having worked switchboards. One "pet peeve" is when someone would give a number as "four sixteen" rather than "four one six". If you are writing as the person is speaking, then you'll write "4 - 6 - " ... then you'll hear "teen".

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A New One!

I just set up a new blog, although right now it's not quite the way I want it to finally be, and of course nothing is there except the title and one post! Check it out though, and check back once in awhile. I know it's going to take awhile to get it really up and going! It is

Friday, December 3, 2010

I Won't Change

"That's just the way I am. I'm just too old to change."
Actually, I'm not interested. I'm not going to rearrange
The way I think and do, no matter if it's best.
I kid myself I'm happy, while in my cozy nest.
Some things I've heard these years may be the truth, or lies.
I'd rather stand in place, than study, find what's wise.
I'll take another's words, and let them sink on in.
It's easier to accept, even though they may teach sin.
I know some of God's words, like baptism is what saves,
But I learned it's faith only, and I'll take that to my grave.
And once saved, always saved - that really sounds so good!
But "take heed, unless we fall" is in God's holy word.
My path may take me wrong, but I'll follow it all my days.
I won't heed what I hear, and I won't change my ways.

- by Netagene, written in a few minutes today, just before posting this - I hope you realize that it's as if someone other than myself were saying this!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Food, that is! Sometimes, even on a limited income (which I'll be in a few more days), y' just gotta have some! (My other vices are yarn and music!) I'm almost out of my drink of choice (diet Dr Pepper), and didn't feel like standing at the bus stop in this wind (high temperature's 54 today but the wind is cold - yeah, yeah, to all you Yankees what's 54 degrees!) and going to Wally World. Round trip for THAT, by fixed route bus, would have been about 2 hours, even though WM is only about 6 miles away.

So I braved it and walked across the busy street at the end of the block, over to Family Dollar. At first I was just going in my slacks and long-sleeved T-shirt, etc., and amber-lens polarized sun glasses (a necessity because of my sight), but after walking to the curb, came back in, added gloves, an ear-warmer (I crocheted it by copying a friend's old, old one - I'll eventually post a picture of it), and a light-weight jacket.

I mostly bought some sunflower seeds (which I'll put out for the birds) and some cashews (I love 'em!), and, since FD doesn't have DP, I bought a 2 liter diet Coca Cola. (Why, when we in the USA, do not use the metric system, are drinks bottled metrically?) I also bought 2 cans of Pingles' chips, and a few other things (some necessary, some not).

I admit that it takes me 10+ minutes to walk the equivalent of about 1 city block (FD is in an almost vacant strip shopping center with a BIG parking lot). Of course hat includes looking to my left, looking to my right, looking to my left ... starting across the street, backing up when a car flies my way, starting over, getting part of the way across, ad nauseum! ... Before I was good out the FD door to come home, I heard someone walking behind me, and spoke. Luckily, it was a lady who'd also just come out of FD. Then on more or less level ground, I stumbled. The lady offered me a ride. I explained that I hadn't spoken to try to get a ride, and she said she realized that. Still, she brought me home.

I rarely carry cash with me, so all I could offer her was: "Thank you so much. God bless you".

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Didja ever think that every "holi-day" that we celebrate is made by people? The only real "holi-day" is Sunday, which God set aside as the day we are to remember what great sacrifice was made so that we might go to Heaven when we finish our days on this earth.

Monday, November 22, 2010

help me come up with a title for this one!

Treading water in an empty pool, or waking from a good dream?
Disappointment can be so cruel when reality's lost its gleam.
It's disheartening to find things blurry, not lively and at my feet.
I sometimes must look in the mirror to change things from lemons to sweet.
I'll learn from the problems I've been through, and change the setbacks I can.
I'll tackle the image I see there ... With God's help, I'm still able to stand.
If a physical problem hits me, or a friend or kin shies away,
I'll remember it's only temporal, and Eternity's my brighter day.
I know there will always be problems. I know I will sometimes be sad.
Contentment is what I will strive for, knowing I'll make it, and I will be glad.
I'll fill up that "pool" with pure water. I'll hang onto my dreams and my plans.
I know there's hope for tomorrow. With God's help, not "I can't", but "I can"!

- by Netagene, November 19, 2010 -

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Interesting Book Titles

These are from

For women:
Peeking into a box of chocolates: on temptation
Running nowhere in all directions: on stress
Searching for God in a bottomless purse: on faith
Waking up from the dream of a lifetime: on disappointment

For men:
Leaning into a hail of bullets: on temptation
Juggling chainsaws on a tightrope: on stress
Chasing God with 3 flat tires: on faith
Treading water in an empty pool: on disappointment

Teaser - And yes, I wrote a poem about one category.

1 off, 1 on

1 off - I've been on Face Book off and on a couple of times, and last night decided to permanently get off. Even though I wasn't on it much, I still found it time-consuming, though I liked seeing what old friends look like now. I didn't like all the constant ads on the right side. And I didn't like the "you might know these people" sort of thing. I figure with a couple of e-addresses and a blog, if someone wants to find me, they'll figure out a way, besides the fact that I came back to my hometown in 1996.

1 on - With my new Franklin Electronic Bible that I just bought from, came their print catalog. I always read catalogs. There were a series of "help" books, which had interesting titles, which struck me as a unique way to look at things ... so I wrote a poem. I'll post the book titles later "on" this blog, and I'll also post my new poem "on" this blog.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


What makes forgiveness difficult?

Problems with forgiveness:
1. Intensity of the pain - whether we have been hurt spiritually, emotionally, or physically.
2. Identity of the person who caused the injustice to us - stranger or someone close.
3. Intent of the one who did it - accidentally or premeditated.
4. How often - once or more than once.

Genesis begins with selfishness (Adam & Eve) and ends with selflessness (Joseph). Doors that were closed at the beginning of Genesis were all opened by the end of Genesis.

Three examples of grace in Genesis:
1. The flood - Noah found grace (6:8).
2. Esau forgave Jacob (chapter 33).
3. Joseph - a story of redemption, mercy, and grace (45:1-15).

We can learn 4 things:
1. Forgiveness is necessary only when one suffers an injustice - damage to a person or to physical property - a car wreck, etc.;
- Joseph - Genesis 40:15;
- Jesus - I Peter 1:17-19; 2:21-23; 3:18;
- Us - I Peter 2:18-20
We should respond in a Christ-like way.
2. Forgiveness demands that we bear someone else's sin (they robbed us of freedom, happiness, etc.). Justice demands that the debt be paid.
- Joseph - Genesis 45:11 - Joseph provided for his brothers. He forgave them, rather than exacting a price;
- Esau - Genesis 33:9 - Jacob thought Esau would want justice because Jacob stole Esau's birthright, but Esau forgave Jacob;
- Christ - I Peter 2:24 - His forgiveness liberates ...
- Us - I Peter 3:1-2 - This woman gives to her husband what he does not deserve.
3. The security of God's love loosens the chains of fear, giving us the freedom to forgive.
- Joseph named one of his sons "Ephrain", which means "God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction - Genesis 41:52.
- Jesus and Stephen both put confidence and faith in God - I Peter 2:23; Acts 7:54-60.
- Us - I Peter 4:14,19.
4. Forgiveness involves sacrifice of self to accomplish God's purpose.
- Joseph knew that God sent him - Genesis 50:19-20.
- Christ - I Peter 2:24-25.
- Us - I Peter 2:12; 3:1-2.

We are to deny ourselves, take up our cross (forgiveness is a cross), and take on the mind of Christ - Philippians 2:1-8.

- my notes from David Maxson's sermon on November 10, 2010 -

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A package was delivered to me today. Recently my old PDA (a 3-way trade I think, a year or so ago) died. It might have been partly because I hadn't used it much one week, and I didn't charge it. When I did, I couldn't get it to work. A friend got it back to working somewhat, but I had the Bible on a chip (loaded from, and couldn't get it to work correctly. In the last several years, I've found that most Bibles no longer have a good concordance. The Bible on the chip had a fantastic concordance! I was using that Bible both at worship as well as carrying it with me almost everywhere because it was small and would fit in almost any purse.

So a few days ago, I ordered a Franklin Electronic Bible from I bought model BIB-475. It has both KJV and NIV. It uses 2 triple-A batteries, which I've got to see if I have any here at home. I will probably put white sticky labels on some of the keys, with bold black letters to make some of the function keys easier for me to see. The QWERTY keyboard is clear, but the other keys are gold with tiny letters. Closed, it is only about 5.5" x 3.5 x .75"

I'm sure I'll love using it once I put in batteries, and figure out how to work it!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Last Wednesday morning, visiting preacher David Maxson showed pictures from his one trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe. He said that unemployment is 94% in Zimbabwe, and the money is worthless, that stores will take only US dollars. One man walked over 12 miles, on crutches, and wearing a suit, to hear David and others preach. In one group of about 60, only 2 had a Bible. But it was more than pictures; he also preached. He said this is the only sermon that he wrote while he was in Africa.

A Rich Young Ruler - Mark 10:17-23 - He lacked only one thing.

The Apostles were excited when a rich man came to Jesus, but upset when people brought their children to Him (Mark 10:13-16).

1. Entrance into The Kingdom involves more than outward obedience.
There was a lot to commend about this young man.
- He was eager. He ran to Jesus, was humble, knelt before Him.
- He was respectful, calling Jesus "Good Teacher".
- He asked a good question: "What must I do?"
- He lived morally: "All these things I have kept ..."
- He was from a good family: " ... from my youth".
JESUS loved him, but a door in his heart was closed (verse 22, and Revelation 3:20).

2. In the Kingdom of God, we receive more than we give up. The 12 apostles all gave up a lot (Mark 10:28-30).
- house
- family
- land
- 100 times more of these,
- and persecution,
- and Eternal Life!
See Matthew 6:33

Are we willing to give up our "dime store pearls" for the real thing?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

SUBMISSION to Authority

Noah - Genesis 6

SUBMISSION is doing what someone else says.

A man told his son to build a house in a certain place, a barn in a certain place, a fence in a certain place, and a well in a certain place. The son built the house, barn, and fence where his father specified, but said that where his dad wanted the well dug was too far away, so he dug the well elsewhere. Did he submit to his father? No, he only agreed with his father on some things.

Submitting is getting off YOUR throne and giving it up to God.

Noah did ALL that God commanded (Hebrews 11:7), even if it didn't make sense to him. God told him to build an ark ("what's an ark?") because He was going to send a flood ("what's a flood?" - there had been no rain, only dew).

Some things probably don't make sense to us - what we are to do in worship, to love our enemies ...

The book of Deuteronomy is mostly Moses' sermons to the Israelites, that they were to obey God, and reminding them of what God had done for them.

1. God loves us and is on our side (Deut. 10:12ff). He cares for us and wants what is best for us. He demonstrated His love.
2. God has rules. Deut. 11:1-12: you've seen all God has done for you; verse 8: therefore keep ALL of His commandments. God wants love and fear/respect.
3. God explains in clear language what the consequences of disobedience are (verses 13ff). It is one of the many Biblical examples of "if/then" - "If you do not obey, then [this will happen] ..." or "If you obey, then I will give you rain, abundance, long life ..."
4. God gives the freedom to choose (verses 26ff) - to repent or reject His authority - a blessing IF you obey all, a curse if you disobey.

1. We are to teach submission and rules to our children (Ephesians 6), and give them the freedom to choose when they are older. If a child will not submit to his parents, likely he will not respect and submit to God.
2. God's rules for worship, such as women are not to be in leadership role (I Corinthians 14:33-38, especially verse 37).
3. God's rules for our personal lives - We are to do ALL in the name of Jesus (Colossians 3:14-17).

God did not say that we are to agreed with Him, We are to obey - to SUBMIT to ALL that He tells us.

(My notes from Tuesday night's sermon by David Maxson.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Leah and Rachel - Genesis 29:21-30

Two Laws of Envy:
1. Inequities are a fact of life. Gross inequities (such as what all Bill Gates, a company CEO, the US president has) do not create envy, but slight inequities by someone we are close to emotionally or physically (a family member, a co-worker) do. People who are envious are actually angry at the blessings from God.

Envy is selfishness on steroids, hating the person who has something so much that you'd rather everyone have nothing, rather than you not to have something.

Here are the names and the meanings which Leah gave to her sons and the sons born of her maid (sounds to me like she was rubbing it in to Rachel that she had children and Rachel had none):
Reuben - Surely the Lord has looked upon my affliction.
Simeon - Because the Lord heard I was hated, He gave me this son also.
Levi - Now this time my husband will be joined to me.
Judah - Now I will praise the Lord.
Gad - A troop comes!
Asher - Happy am I, for the daughters will call me blessed.
Issachar - God has given me my hire.
Zebulun - God has endued me with a good dowry.

Read I Kings 3:16ff - about the 2 prostitutes and their babies.

2. Envy leads to violence - Cain (Genesis 4:3-8), James 4:1-2; character assassination.

Children learn from their parents. Jacob learned from his mother Rebekkah to deceive his father Isaac to get what he wanted - the birthright, even though God had already said that the elder (Esau) would serve the younger (Jacob). Laban, Jacob's father-in-law, deceived Jacob in giving Leah, rather than Rachel, to Jacob. Jacob's older sons were envious of Joseph, put him in a pit, and sold him to passing merchants.

Envy is a symptom of a disease: idolatry. Example: a parent who selfishly wants to be idolized may try to do it through their children, in trying to make their child into a great musician or athlete, so that they (the parent) will be put on a pedestal.

Envy is overcome by shifting our focus to God. God does not look on our physical attributes - He doesn't look for which of us is physically the best looking (I Peter 3:3-4).

James 4:4-10; I Peter 2:4-10 - We may be rejected by men, but chosen by God. Whose opinion matters?

(My notes from Monday night's sermon by David Maxson).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

GOOD Choices, BAD Choices


I learned years ago that all sin is selfishness, but not all selfishness is sin.

Doing what you want to do, rather than what God says to do, is sin; doing what you want to do rather than what your spouse or friend wants to do, is not, and with a spouse or friend, sometimes maybe you need to take turns or compromise.

The visiting preacher this week is David Maxson, who preaches for the Embry Hills church of Christ in Atlanta. (Yes, they have a web site, and yes, his picture is there.) His sermons this week are about "Opening the Door", and are based in Genesis.

His first sermon was about Adam and Eve, and how they were selfish and chose wrong. Even though God sent them out of the Garden (like a parent punishing a child), they were the one who "closed the door" to God. I failed to take notes on that sermon, but wish that I had. And it was after the sermon about Lot had started before I started scribbling notes.

This evening he preached about Lot, and how Lot, in being covetous and selfish, made wrong choices. His uncle Abram, and God, tried to save Lot, but Lot didn't want it! Here are my notes.

In II Peter 2:6-8. God calls Lot a "just" and a "righteous" man, yet think of the trouble in got into by making poor choices! (The rest of the verses are from Genesis.)

1. Lot selfishly chose to pitch his tent toward Sodom (13:7-13) and later he moved TO Sodom (14:12 - then Abram got Lot out of more trouble). Lastly, he felt that he should be a judge there (19:1, 9), even though he was a foreigner!

[Not in David's sermon, but I immediately thought of Psalm 1:1 - "Blessed is the man who walks not in the council of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers". It is a progression; Lot did all 3.]

2. He offered his virgin daughters to the men of Sodom (19:4-8).
3. He hesitated to leave Sodom (19:15-22).
4. He got drunk, and
5. He committed incest with each of his 2 daughters (19:30-36).

By being covetous/selfish, wanting more and more of material things, and making poor choices, Lot wound up losing his home, his wife, his daughters married unbelievers, and he ended his life living in a cave.

[I also think of Joshua in Joshua 24:15: "... Choose you this day whom ye will serve ... but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord".]

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Even though the weather wasn't warm, it was tolerable, and Bill & Ziggy, who attend worship where I go, had their annual picnic. They live about 30 miles away, on several acres that is part of her family's property from years ago. During the hayride (one of the other men drove the tractor that pulled a low, flat-bed trailer with hay bales down the middle for seats), Bill narrated that the old Georgia Road ran through the property, what was a wagon trail years ago to Rome, Georgia.

There is a spring-fed lake there, and Bill said the water is about 13' deep by the dam. They have sold most of their cows, but still have 5 cows and 1 bull. They have a big nice house, with a porch on opposite sides, and a big 2-car attached garage, with a big paved area. They set up tables and benches and chairs, a gas grill (Steve, the preacher, was grill master, with hamburgers and hot dogs). There was also a place for marshmallow roasting, and a couple of other "heaters" that burned charcoal or wood. Everyone took food. There were already swing sets for the children (which their grandkids play on of course). And it was announced that there were about 70 people there, and were from 4 congregations of the church of Christ.

People came and went from about 11:30 until about 4:00. And of course if you come away hungry, it's your own fault! I rode with 3 other ladies.

Thanks to Joyce for the ride, and to sweet Christians Bill & Ziggy for doing that.

And tomorrow (Sunday) through Wednesday is our gospel meeting. Some call it a revival, and isn't that what it should be?

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Election

Yes, I am pleased with the way not only the Alabama election went (even though I did not vote for Bentley in the primary), but with most of the other state elections. Now if President Obama would only realize that much more of Congress has other ideas of what is best for us, than he has, that less of "Big Brother" socialist government is better, and to give "we the people" the voice, rather than trying to make this a country ruled by a dictator. (When King Ahab in the Bible, didn't get his way, he went to bed, covered his head, and pouted! People haven't changed!)

Sometimes I think a lot of politicians don't give the citizenry credit for having brains - though we are the ones who put them in office! (Of course I do wonder where some people's brains are when they vote for certain ones.)

I firmly believe that God gave each of us a brain and that we are to use that brain, rather than sit idly by and wait for a handout. With freedom comes responsibility. Those who choose irresponsibility (such as not voting) will be enslaved. I'm not much into politics, but I study up on the candidates the best that I can. I could go on, but this will suffice.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

I voted. Did you?

I have 2 polling places. The one for city elections is accessible by city bus, or actually by walking if I so choose, though it's about a mile, and with no sidewalks most of the way, and a steep hill, and with my having poor eyesight and not the best hearing ... groan, whine!

The place I am to vote for everything else is off the beaten path for those of us unable to drive, and is not accessible by city bus (also meaning that the paratransit bus will not go there). So for a few years now, I have requested an absentee ballot. Therefore my ballot was received at the election office a couple of weeks ago.

I have voted in almost every election since I have been of voting age. I read up and study the candidates the best I can Regrettably sometimes it means, to me, voting for the lesser of 2 evils, and that is the case for today's Alabama governor's election.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Face Book

Over a year ago, I set up a Face Book account, but found it not only a pain because I had only dial-up at the time, but also didn't really find it worthwhile, plus it was too time-consuming. A few days ago, I opened it again. (I now have fast internet.) I don't know how long I'll stay on it this time though. I much much prefer using the blog.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

AGING (again!)

This is children's outlook on the inevitable ...

In "Family Circus", July 12 this year, 2 little boys are lying on their backs on the grass. One asks the other: "So, what are you plannin' to turn into when you grow up?"

In "Frazz" a few years ago (thanks to a post on "Frazz" creator Jef Mallet's blog for this):
Mr. Spaetzle: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Child: "I don't know. Thirty?"
Mr. Spaetzle: "Thirty?"
Child: "Isn't that what Frazz is?"
Mr. Spaetzle: "He is. Whether he is grown up is open to interpretation."
Child: "That's it! I want to be open to interpretation."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm not a "bag lady". I'm just an old bag!
Or call me a crone or maybe a hag!
No more am I young or a "cute little thing".
It's been a long time since I was "sweet 16"!
I still look good in my mind's eye,
But what I see in the mirror makes me moan and sigh.
I knew I would age, but it's really a shock
That my face looks like a crag of old weathered rock.
It's shapeless and wrinkled and colorless, too.
Is this what happens? Will I just fade from view?
I like who I am, and mentally I'm glad
That I can handle what hits me, even the "bad".
I thought I'd age gradually. I knew Youth wouldn't last,
But no slow morphing - my looks changed fast!
I never was tall but it came as surprise.
When I recently measured, I was an inch shorter in size.
And my hair is all mousy, and now mostly gray,
But I'll keep it long, at least for today.
My hands are skinny, my feet ugly and plump.
My tummy looks pregnant. Over all, I'm a frump!
When I dress up, you hardly can tell.
I dress clean and neatly, but I rarely look well.
Since "round" is a shape, then I'm in fine form -
Yeah, like hurricane clouds or a winter storm!
I've no choice but to age, and I'm not into pain.
Whining about it is a sorry refrain.
So this closing thought as I near the dark night:
Everyone will be beautiful in Heaven's sweet light!

- by Netagene, about myself, in only a few minutes, February 12, 2008 -


I am still "practicing" for when I quit my job next month, and of course hoping I can make it on my Social Security and a bit of savings. I'm taking 3 days off work this week (yesterday, today, and tomorrow), and one thing I'll be able to do more of is spend more time with Mother. She's 93 and physically frail but mentally mostly all there. Some of her "slips" are not much worse than mine!

I got to spend about 9 hours with her yesterday, just the 2 of us at her house, and I had a wonderful time! It's something to think about if I ever make it to that age. Here's how it went:

First the "bad":
It upsets her that most of the time, she is unable to attend worship, even though the church house is less than 2 miles away. She does read the Bible a lot and, as we say, she's "studying for her finals".
She said that now that she cannot drive (she quit driving 2 or 3 years ago), she understands my frustration at not being able to go anywhere, anytime. (I became legally blind 7 years ago and obviously had to quit driving.)
She was repetitious several times, about several things.
She complained some about a lot of people (including me)! She was "no respecter of persons"!
She complained some about how many pills she takes every day.
She complained that her knees hurt and squeak. I told her once that maybe she needed to get a ride to Jiffy Lube; another time I asked if she wanted me to get the WD-40! We both laughed about that.
She complained some that people seem to have forgotten her, and that she'd like some phone calls and visits.

But by far, our visit was good!

Like me, she has a screened-in porch. The weather was beautiful, and we sat there and talked (I had some crocheting as usual) and watched the birds (mostly cardinals, sparrows, and mourning doves) and squirrels. She went outside to the muscadine (or scuppernong) arbor and walked around some, but at least this time she didn't fall!
She worked some search word puzzles, while I worked a crossword puzzle.
We both reminisced about bygone days and people.
We shared kitchen chores in fixing grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.
She is re-reading "Tuesdays with Morrie", which I loaned her. She loves it, as I do, and even though it's about Professor Schwartz in the 4 months before his passing, Mother said she wishes she had such an upbeat attitude! (I've already written a couple of things about that true story; you'll just have to find a copy yourself and read it!)

Because I'd been up off and on so early, about mid-afternoon, Mother noticed I was nodding. I was on the couch, so I lay down. A little later, Mother put a blanket over me and tucked it around my feet! ... always a caring mother!

(We had a storm that hit yesterday about 3 a.m., which woke me up. I had to set the alarm on my cell phone so I'd be up in time to call bus dispatch and cancel my trips, up about 5:15 to do that - the electricity was out about 4+ hours, then a little after 6, 2 others who ride the same bus I ride but are picked up later, calledto ask if I was on the bus or knew where the driver was ... well, you get the idea.)

About 8 p.m., my nephew brought me back home. How blessed I am to still have Mother!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I just added another blog to my list. It is the one written by Jef Mallett, the gentleman who draws one of my favorite cartoons: "Frazz". Jef and his wife Patty share blog duties. Jef's post on Thursday, October 21, is about something that could be in "News of the Weird", one of the "truth is stranger than fiction" stories - about a crocodile that caused an airline fatality! (This happened August 25 - according to a "crocodile blamed" on-line search.)

"Frazz", like Jef himself, participates in triathlons. Jef himself just ran the Detroit marathon and qualified for the Boston, which seems to be the king of marathons (or whatever you call it). Frazz is about 30, educated, a grammar school janitor, dates Jane Plainwell, one of the teachers. There's a variety of students and teachers in the cartoon.

If you look up the regular site (not the blog), about a month ago, the site seems to have been compromised and for now, probably isn't safe to look at. But I take the local newspaper, and "Frazz" is one of the first I look at. (And thanks for the comment as to where you can see "Frazz" on line.)

The other blogs I list are, IMO, also good (duh! otherwise I wouldn't list them)! I'm glad I found the Dublin taxi driver's blog (John posts a lot of interesting pictures as well as commentary). Tim in Tampa, who happens to drive for the company I worked for years ago, also is interesting though his language is not always so clean. Henry Kisor's photography site (as well as his other blog) always has some beautiful pictures; he's also written several books which I've read, both his true ones and his murder-mysteries.

The other sites are interests of mine. "Posh Cakes" is the site of a good friend of mine, a self-taught cake decorator. Stephanie is also executor of my will, and is the daughter I wish I had. You'll be amazed at the decorating she does! She is married to a man who does construction work, and they have a son who is married (2 grandchildren), and a daughter in junior high.

One is the site for where I attend worship, and another is a huge site about the Bible. The ACB site is the American Council of the Blind, of which I've been a member for a few years. The HLAA is the Hearing Loss Association (I have a 40% loss in one ear, a slight loss in the other, and have hearing aids which I rarely wear because most of the time, I'm not interested in hearing the often inane jabbering!)

Another is for the Lakeshore Foundation, the only official paralympic training site in the world. As a legally blind person, it would be an excellent place for me to go, though right now I can't afford the dues. (It is a bit similar to the Y.) I have acquaintances who are totally blind who go there regularly to exercise, including swim. The Lakeshore Field House is also where I've seen the wheelchair athletes (one my "about me", I list "Murderball" as one of my favorite movies, a documentary of some of the guys who train at Lakeshore). They also have a program called "Lima Foxtrot", using 2 of the alpha-words for the military, and where a lot of wounded vets come for rehab and training. Anyway, Lakeshore is an amazing place, and people can go there and simply watch, free, any time. There is also a rehab home - I don't know what you call it - there, which doctors often send people for therapy for a few weeks' stay.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday, October 23rd

Rather than posting again, I hope you'll read the nice comment posted on what I wrote a week ago, about leaving. Sweet! (I've been on the porch as usual, crocheting, as usual, while the weather is still beautiful! Chemo/skull caps and soft scarves this time.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pickin' up Speed to Leave

I'm on the countdown to quitting my job. When I turned 66 last May, I automatically went from SSDI to regular SS. I don't mind working at all, but the bus rides over the last almost 5 years are getting worse. Of course having the 2 incomes has been a wonderfulness! So I'm hoping that I've got enough backlog to live on come the end of next month.

I WILL miss my morning driver and some of the other riders. Jeff's been my driver in the mornings almost the whole time I've worked at ALDOT.

Today my boss (the district office engineer) called a meeting of the 4 of us admin assistants who were at work today, and delegated the others which of my chores for each to learn, or get better at, because the State will not hire a replacement until I leave, so I won't be there to train anyone. I know that most private industry businesses DO, but not the State. Once they start the new hire process, it can take several months. Doesn't make sense to me.

Of course I don't plan to sit idle. I'm already looking into volunteer work, though have found none yet. Also, one of the other bus riders told me this morning that likely I will be able to set up a day or 2 a week at the big clinic near downtown (he's one of the phlebotomists), and sell things I crochet: chemo caps and such. The clinic is on several bus lines. He's going to set it up for me to meet the person in charge of that. That would be wonderful if that works out!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Death

I seem to be on a gruesome roll lately - just kind of in the doldrums I guess. Read what I posted on October 4. I started this poem about 2 months ago, finished it a few minutes ago. Even now, I'm not sure that it's completed. So for what it's worth, maybe it will make us think.

My skin and bones is what you'll see
In a box, but that's not me.
I won't speak and I can't hear,
But I'm alive; that's not me there.
That's just my sad old dwelling place,
Where I lived while in Life's Race.
I grew tired some time ago.
Seems friends and kin had turned to foe.
Wishing I could stay in bed -
"Why get up?" is what I said.
God's breath in me still raised my chest,
Though it got hard to do my best.
But God saw fit to keep me here -
His plan to me was not so clear.
So for awhile, I tried and tried.
I prayed a lot and sometimes cried.
Frustrated when I'd try to teach
God's Word to some, but could not reach.
My friends must choose; I've sown The Seed.
It's up to them: ignore, or heed.
Yes, I do hear, but not the same.
I can't reply, but glad you came.
You see my body lying here.
It's fine if you don't shed a tear.
I hope I've not caused you to sin
With something that I did "back when",
But in my life, you found some good -
I walked "The Walk" as best I could.

- by Netagene -

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I witnessed

Well, I sort of witnessed ... I walked half a block to the fixed route bus stop a little before 5 p.m. to get the bus to the church house. My sight is such that I see only straight ahead, and that with one eye only, and even with glasses, don't see at distances well, so I turn a lot when I hear things.

While waiting, I heard a car in the parking lot of the shopping center behind the bus stop. The car stopped about half way between me and the building, and driver - I could tell it was a woman because she had on a long skirt which the breeze swirled - got out, as did someone from the other side. The other person had on a white shirt and dark slacks, so I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman.

These 2 looked like they were shoving each other, and kind of dancing around, sort of like 2 boxers. They sort of chased each other a little near the car, then the one with the white shirt on walked away real fast, and the driver got back into the car. The walker headed toward the building, then it looked like the driver tried to hit the other person (I later learned that was also a woman). The walker dodged, and the driver came at her at least one other time. The walker made it onto the sidewalk at the front of the building, and the driver pulled along side her and parked the car by the curb, got out, and they looked like they were going at it again!

About all I could see very well was when they were in the middle of the lot and closest to me, then I could see the one walking and the car aiming toward her.

A minute later, another woman (told me her name was Mitzi) drove close to me and asked if I'd seen what was going on, then she said, "Oh - you have a white cane". I told her about my usable sight, told her a little, and that I was about to call the police. She said that she just had, as she was in her car real close to where the other driver had pulled to the curb by the stores. She said, "The one in the car was trying to run over the other one!" So this lady and I saw the same thing.

Before the bus came, the police arrived. A few minutes later, Mitzi came back. She said she told the police what she and I both had seen, and that the driver had spoke up and told the officer that this other woman (Mitzi) had tried to run into her friend! ... then she changed her story and admitted she had tried to run down the other woman (who probably is no longer her friend). Mitzi said that she was told she could leave, and the officer was arresting and handcuffing the driver. She said she didn't have to give either her name and number nor mine. Mitzi may have saved someone's life.

(One of the cleaning ladies we had several months at work was a prisoner who lived in the area work release center for the state Department of Corrections [which all our cleaning ladies have been]. She told me she had shot and killed another woman, but "I'm not sorry I did it, she deserved it, and I'd do it again!")

Then the bus came, and I went on to evening worship.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Le'see ... I'm 66, a little bit fat, sometimes a bit stiff. Today I had to leave work about noon as I had an appointment near downtown. Felicia was my driver, and was in the paratransit bus that the company got several months ago, with bright fancy colors and logo. The seats are not comfortable, as they seem to be tilted forward just a little, as well as are "short" from the seat back to where the back of your knees are, so it feels like you are about to slide off. I make sure that I wear my seat belt, though a shoulder harness and some kind of handle would make me feel safer. Wearing rubber soled shoes also helps to keep me from sliding forward.

I prefer the window seat because the aisle seat, with a wimpy armrest, makes me feel like I'm going to fall sideways onto the floor. The seat belt buckle was in bad shape, but I got it on and fastened. BUT when Felicia got me to my designation, I could not get the seat belt to unlatch! Part of it would move just a little but not enough to release. Both Felicia and I messed with it, with no luck. I thought, "Uh-oh, the lady I had the appointment with just might have to sit with me on the bus", but that really wasn't an option because paperwork was involved, which would be in her office.

Felicia called dispatch (on the phone, rather than the radio so that others would not hear) to ask permission to cut the seat belt. She never got through to a dispatcher, so went into the building and asked the receptionist if there was a maintenance person available.

I could not get the one end of the seat belt to stretch, as it had tightened a little (I hate for seat belts to do that!). I knew that I am too big to slide toward the floor to get out of the seat belt - and even if I made it a little, I'd probably cut of my breathing and get stuck hanging there!

While she was in the building, I tried something else. The seat belt was near my hips, and of course from then on to my feet, things get smaller rather than larger. (I'm not Dolly Parton or Barbie, but you get the idea.) There was no one in the seat beside me, and while the armrest on the aisle could probably easily break, I decided to take a chance. I held onto the back of the seat, then managed to twist sideways a little, with my back toward the aisle, hoping the armrest would hold. Then I twisted some more, and twisted one hip, knee, and foot in almost unnatural positions, and voila! got one leg up and over the seat belt. The other leg wasn't as hard to free, but still took some twisting.

As I started to get off the bus, Felicia came out of the building - and wondered how I unbound myself. She probably was looking forward to having someone stab and slash at the obstinate strap! ("Take that! you cheap fiend!")

The driver who picked me up to come home was about 45 minutes late, had a couple of others on board, and still had more stops, so I rode for 2 hours before getting home, even though the office where I was is only 15 miles from my house. (Yes, I had crocheting with me!)

But at least I worked 4 hours, got things accomplished where I had the appointment, had 2 nice drivers, and made it home before dark.

P.S. One friend emailed me direct, saying he'd like to have seen me do "the twist and the limbo"! A friend in Ireland asked me if our buses have CCTVs on them (no, they don't) because the buses there in Dublin all have that (and captured her falling on one).

Monday, October 11, 2010

Going Places

While it is nice that the newspaper editors often print letters that I write, sometimes their editing of such letters completely loses what the letter is about. That happened to me in yesterday's paper. I know that I can write well, as I've had many things published (regrettably, not for pay!). I had one article printed in the monthly newsletter of WMNF, Tampa, where I was a volunteer DJ; one or 2 in the monthly newsletter of FoFF (the Friends of Florida Folk [music); some things used in church bulletins and on church web sites and other web sites; a few poems and articles published in the "Braille Forum" (the monthly magazine of the American Council of the Blind); and for over 7 years, I edited and wrote for the weekly bulletin of the church I attended.

So it was with amazed irritation that a letter I fired off on October 2 had the first paragraph reworded so that the meaning was totally different. For once, I wasn't griping about our bus service; I was fussing about all the "grand plans" for metro Birmingham and ... well ... here is what was printed in yesterday's (yes, the BIG Sunday paper! - not hidden in some obscure place in a week day paper):

"In reading the newspaper recently, I noticed that many of the events in metro Birmingham had one thing in common: They highlighted the failure of public transportation."

Here is my original first paragraph:

"In reading today's paper, I noticed that most of the plans for metro Birmingham have one thing in common: better public transportation failed. Why?"

I know that bus management is doing the best they can with the funding they have, but as was in the business section of the paper recently, help to build a better metro transit system is never a priority. It's as if those of us who must ride the bus are not worth anything, yet we pay taxes just like everyone else. Grrr!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We are SAVED by ...

Some people believe that only believing that Jesus is God's son will get a person to Heaven, but if faith alone would do that, even devils would be there! (James 2:19)

In Wednesday night Bible class, we've been studying I John, and are near the end of that book. John writes a lot about faith and love. I decided to write down some things by which the Bible says we are saved. I may have missed a few.

We are not saved by one thing alone, but by a combination of things.

1. Faith – John 3:16; see also Hebrews 11 - note that everyone listed here in what has become known as the “Roll Call of Faith”, did something that God told them to do;
2. Hope – Romans 8:24;
3. Works – James 2:24 (faith is a “work” – see John 6:28-29 – the works that God tells us to do, not our own works; see also Matthew 7:21-23);
4. Christ – Romans 5:10; 6:8-10;
5. Grace – Ephesians 2:5;
6. Mercy – Titus 3:5;
7. Baptism – Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38; 22:16; I Peter 3:21

And it doesn’t end there, because we must add to our faith (II Peter 1:2-10), and we must grow (I Peter 2:2).

Also remember I Corinthians 10:12.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


... to Chris. My son is 43 today. My husband worked in the analytical lab at W.R. Grace & Co. in Mulberry, Florida. We lived in the county seat of Bartow, and Chris was born in the Bartow Hospital. Chris and his family live in Tampa, Florida. You can see him at

Monday, October 4, 2010

Where there's a will

Sometime last year, a friend gave me the name of a lawyer who does wills, as well as big corporate things. I got with him by email and fax mostly, and put a down payment on a will. Besides an executor, he also wanted a "second" in case the person I chose could not handle things. I have a good friend who I wish was my daughter. She agreed. I couldn't think of anyone to be my "second", so a week ago, she and I met personally with the lawyer. He is a "hoot"! We both really liked him. He and I have several acquaintances in common (I hesitate to call them all "friends")! His office will be my "second", so I had to stipulate in the will how I want any money that may be left, to go. Some I designated to the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, Birmingham Regional Center, with the majority going to the church I attend.

The lawyer asked if I had a Living Will and a Medical Power of Attorney. I do not, so he told me a week ago, that he'd throw that in, and for us to return today.

Each time, I ride the fixed route bus to town (12 miles takes an hour), she meets me there because the bus doesn't go close enough to his office, then later, she brings me back to the city bus' station. While we are out, we also go to eat, and maybe do a bit of shopping. Last week, we ate at Dairy Queen, a treat since there's none close to either of us anymore. Today, we ate at El Palacio. Of course it was also nice to take the day off work!

I've had my complete funeral and burial paid for, for a few years, and now my will, etc., is also completely paid for. So with a will, POA, and my funeral and burial all paid for, I guess I can die now! (Is that gruesome or what!)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


1. GREED - Luke 12:15-21; 18:24-25; Colossians 3:5; Ephesians 5:3-4; I Timothy 6:9-10.

2. ENVY - Proverbs 14:30; 23:17; I Corinthians 13:4; Galatians 5:19, 21, 26.

3. PRIDE - Proverbs 6:16-17; 16:18; James 4:6-7; I Peter 5:5-6.

Happiness is easily attained if we put Christ first - Philippians 4:4.

This is the notes that preacher Steve Murrell had on the overhead for his sermon this evening. It's a lot to print out the verses, but I may do that later. (In the meantime, you can look them up - is a good site, and easy to navigate.) So many people look to "things" to make themselves happy, just like some people who are shopaholics.

A Little Better? Naaah ...

I posted a couple of mug shots last month. This morning, about 8:30 and with the temperature about 60 ... as compared to a month ago at 7 p.m. and with the temperature near 100 degrees, I aimed the digicam lens at myself again. Here's one from that late hot afternoon, and this cool morning. I had my hair trimmed a couple of inches yesterday, and bangs cut - $4 plus tip at a nearby barber/beauty school. I think I look a little better, but then I'm behind me and I don't see well anyway!

Friday, October 1, 2010


These are not fancy like the crocheted hat! They are made from Caron's "Dazzleaire", which is 80% acrylic and 20% nylon. The yarn is a "bulky" weight. The scarf pattern is on the skein band. It calls for 2 skeins, but I changed it, using only 1 skein, so rather than getting a scarf about 9x80" with fringe, I'm getting a scarf about 6x50 with no fringe. I also plan to make one shawl, which will take about 4 skeins. Because of the nylon, and that the yarn is not tightly wound, it is real soft. The pattern also calls for an "M" hook. The yarn is sort of new, and I caught some on sale, so bought a bunch in several colors. I hope to sell a few, and already plan to give some as gifts. Here's pictures of the ones I've done so far. I don't usually use black or dark colors because of my eye sight, but I started with the lighter colors, memorized the pattern. That the yarn and hook are real big, helps. Wanna buy one? I'm sellin'!


The lady who cleans our office is a prisoner who lives in the Alabama Department of Corrections' Work Release Center, close to where I work. These ladies are close to being paroled. Demetrias is the 6th since I've worked at ALDOT! She has been with us about a month.

She asked if I'd make a cap for her. I showed her a few pictures and patterns. Of course she chose one I'd never made, but if I hadn't thought I could do it, I wouldn't have showed it to her. It is a free pattern from Lisa Naskent's site:

I told her that under the circumstances, I'd charge her for only the yarn, which was about $4. I used almost a full 6 ounce skein of Caron's "Simply Soft". It had to be solid white, because that's all the prisoners can wear.

The pattern wasn't really hard, but it was tedious and time-consuming. Except for the top few rounds, each round took close to 15 minutes. I gave it to her today. I couldn't get her to model it, so I put it on. It stretches a lot and can be pulled lower and more snug than I have it. If this were knit, it would not be nearly as thick. It is made to look similar to knitted ribbing and cables. If I'd used wool, it would be real warm. She wanted the main part about an inch longer, and for me to omit the brim.


Thank you all for joining me! Some of you I know personally. One is my number 1 paratransit bus driver who often starts my day with a much needed hug. Love ya', Jeff! Another is my "son" but not by birth, just by friendship. Shane is a few years younger than my natural son. We met on the fixed route bus 6+ years ago shortly after I became legally blind. Like me, he also is LB but with a good bit of usable sight. We count on each other when we want to hop the big bus and go grocery shopping on Saturdays sometimes. Because our sight is different, we help each other. Jeff is our morning driver to our jobs. Another is my "daughter" but not by birth. Stephanie and I met when we both worked in accounting at the home office of a company that, at the time, had about 250 grocery stores. I trust her with my life! She bakes and decorates cakes (that's one of the links at the end of my blog). Love ya', girl friend!

To Terminal Man (aren't we all "terminal"?) and Linda (seems like I somehow found YOUR blog once!) - a big welcome! I hope you enjoy my poems, pictures, and occasional rants! And even if you don't always agree with me, which will happen and happens even with the best of friends, the world would be real boring if we all thought alike! Please introduce yourself, and let me know how you found me. I won't post what you write to me if you'd rather I don't.

Thanks again!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flowers in my yard

In August and earlier this month, you can see the new vine growing up the shepherd's crook where I have the bird feeders. The vine is now not only a profusion of leaves, but is loaded with flowers! I guess that the vine, as well as the milo, came from the bird seed. The flowers look like morning glories, but they are such tiny flowers! They are pretty, and are open only in the morning. Each flower is less than about an inch in diameter. The hummingbirds seem to like the nectar in those flowers as much as they like the sugar water, as they have still been feeding here a lot, as well as seeming to almost hide in the vines!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nature Girl, part 2

An update from August 22 ... Steve (who preaches where I worship) told me this is not corn but is milo. I finally found someone on line, who knows about this stuff. Ms. Bohling works at the Kansas Grain Assoc- iation. I sent some pictures, and she said that milo is in 4 forms: sweet sorghum, grain sorghum, grass sorghum, and broomcorn, and that grass and grain milo is used for silage. It didn't look like what people make brooms out of, and I was pretty sure it isn't sor- ghum cane. But now that the fuzzy yellow pollen-heads have changed into tiny berries, I can see how this kind could be used for cattle-feed. She told me that a lot of grass- and grain-sorghum is used in bird feed. She said that the seeds will turn dark red. I figure this will do that in another week or two. Some of the stalks are about 5 feet tall, and yes, they are definitely cane!

Monday, September 20, 2010

LOVE is How You Stay Alive

Love is how you stay alive.
Love is how you grow and thrive when you can't dance and jive -
When you no longer drive - even when you're 85.
Love is how you stay alive!

You're at a friend's, alone, and then
You wander through the room.
With some, you chat - just "this" and "that"
And almost leave too soon.
You meet by chance. You catch a glance.
He looks so debonair.
He turns toward you, but looks right through
As if you were not there.

But then his eyes catch your surprise,
And someone comes your way.
A friend so sweet says, "You really must meet ... "
And brightens up your day.
Our life - our verse, for better or worse -
Oh yes, there's ups and downs.
Marriage and kids - so much that we did! -
Always more smiles than frowns.

Through thick and thin, we're always friends
At 30 or 55 -
Most good, some bad, most happy, some sad -
Our Love keeps us alive.
Sure, there were spats - can't ignore that,
But we promised, and found a way.
Now we stay snug - a kiss and a hug,
And Love closes out each day.

Love's music we hear in our older years.
Love's how we grew and thrived.
Remembered songs - we danced along -
Love's how we stay alive!
Now hearing aids - our walk is staid -
We fit like hand in glove.
So we can't dance, but still we glance -
We're still so much in Love!

Love is how you stay alive.
Love is how you grow and thrive when you can't dance and jive -
When you no longer drive - even when you're 85.
Love is how you stay alive!

- by Netagene, in a couple of hours today, another idea from "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom. Professor Schwartz told Mitch that "Love is how you stay alive", and Mitch said that sounded like a song lyric. The professor and his wife Charlotte were married about 45 years (if I remember correctly what I read) before his passing.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jacob's Ladder

No, this isn't the Bible story. Here are a couple of pictures of an afghan I just finished. The tedious part was all the loose ends! (I've crocheted since I was little; I should have thought of that.) A couple from where I worship is my main ride there. They won't accept money because I'm only a short half block off their way. So far, I've made them one afghan (solid beige alternated with beige with black flecks), and a "set" of ceramics I did at Painted by U, with a grapes design (a 6" tile and a dip chiller - I posted a picture of the tile on January 19). The lady is having such hot flashes that even I, with poor eyesight, can sometimes see the sweat on her neck - and she keeps their house so cold, that I think her hus- band almost has icicles! So this time, she suggested that I make something for him. I'll give it to him this evening. It's about 45 - 50". The pattern is called "Jacob's Ladder" and I found it at I used worsted weight yarn called "I Love This Yarn", the Hobby Lobby brand.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


"A redbird in an apple tree!" -
That's what I told a friend.
I'm thankful I can hear and see -
My senses joyously blend.

To behold the wonders God has made,
Watching through the glass,
Or sitting, rocking in the shade,
Contemplating things that pass.

Some apple trees are in my view -
Redbirds come to nest -
A peaceful scene when day is through
Helps me unwind and rest.

The apples feed both birds and me,
And both are a delight.
I thank the Lord that I am free
As day turns into night.

- by Netagene - Mother saw her doctor a couple of days ago, and told me that she mentioned all the real tall trees outside his office. He told her that he wished it was a redbird in an apple tree, rather than the tall deciduous trees. Mother told me that about an hour ago, and said she wishes I could paint a picture for the doctor of a redbird in an apple tree, or at least write a poem about it for him, for her to give to him. Because it took me only a few minutes to write the poem, I will probably change some words. (A note Monday evening - Mother said the poem is not quite what she had in mind, but she was unable to explain farther.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I got the idea for this after reading only a little of the true story, "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom. The verse with a couple of asterisks can be personalized. I will finish reading the book this weekend. Is one which I will read again and again. I've underlined a lot of it.

The time has come that I am old. I limit my self-pity cry.
I won't reminisce about the "good ol' days". My 'rememberer' just might lie!
'Philosophysing' is not for me. But let me get one thing straight -
Humor me, now that I am old: Enjoy what's on your plate.

I'm not talking about eating vegetables. I'm talking about deeper than that.
Make the most of the life you are given. It's too late when your lifeline goes flat.
Maybe you were born with money. Maybe you just got by.
Make the most of whatever you're given, Because the days do surely fly.

One day you can't **take out the garbage**, So what will that matter to you?
It will let you know you are sliding. You may miss that before you are through!
The things that seem unimportant Are the most important of all.
You might miss a cool drink from the kitchen, Or a hug when a friend comes to call.

You can't take your money with you. It's only to ease this life's wheels.
Love all the ones who're around you. Life is not about lock-step drills!
So what if you don't clean the windows? So what if your lawn's a bit high?
Is that all that to you is important? What will be said when you die?

At your eulogy, will one say your windows Were always shiny and clean?
Wouldn't you rather be known for loving - That you made smiles, rather than windows, gleam?
March to your own personal drummer. One day you'll miss simple things.
You won't miss the corporate rat race. Do things that make your heart sing!

Take a friend and go on vacation. See mountains, rivers, a beach.
Take time to stroll through a garden. Good things are not out of reach!
Read to your child, some story. Listen as he says his prayers.
Everyone needs some loving. We all want to know somebody cares.

It's better to love friends and family - Better than a spotless home.
So what that you're now wrinkled and shaky! With friends, you won't sit all alone!
We've faith in God and good things. We wish; we dream; we hope, but
Love is the only thing that lasts. It's our real and true anchoring rope.

"Love is the only rational act" Is what some wise man once said.
So be glad you can still do that. It's too late when your body is dead.
So while there's time - Are you listening? My life here I know will soon end.
So listen, and learn what's important - And love, as I love you, my friend.

- by Netagene, September 15, 2010 -

Couplet 5, between the asterisks, can be personalized with such as: paint a picture, wash the dishes, throw a baseball, write a letter, work a puzzle ... and so on.

"Tuesdays with Morrie"

Have you ever read any books by Mitch Albom? A couple of years ago, I read "Five People You Meet in Heaven" (which I checked out from the library). I had heard about "Tuesdays with Morrie". I think maybe they both were made into TV movies. Albom also writes a syndicated column, and I've read some of his things in the Sunday "Parade" magazine. So I decided to look on line, and try to find those and any others by that same man. I learned that he also had written one called "For One More Day". Of the ones I'm mentioned, only "Tuesday with Morrie" is non-fiction. None of the ones I've read are long, not quite "short stories" so I guess they'd be called "novelettes". In reading "Tuesdays with Morrie", some thoughts came to me - another poem of course. Groan - whine. Why do these things pop into my mind??? Mitch and Morrie's story is a gem, and is well worth re-reading!


Last evening at worship was Les and Linda Maydell. She is from St. Louis, and he is a native South African. He preaches, and they live in, South Africa. They also work with Christians in Zimbabwe and I guess other countries on that continent. Les had a Power Point presentation about the spiritual work there, as well as some about the physical conditions. He said that one person in Zimbabwe can eat for $5 a month. He also had a picture of an old lady being baptized (Acts 2:38; 8:35-39). He said that the lady was 94 years old, had heard and learned about the Christ, and had to be carried in a wheel-barrow to the place for her to be baptized, then of course taken home in the wheelbarrow. I don't remember hearing Les say how far they traveled. What a beautiful story!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Here is the most close-up picture I've been able to get of the hummingbirds at my feeder. I made this and a few others last Saturday. Today, in addition to a lot of hummingbirds and a few ubiquitous sparrows, there was also one Eastern bluebird at the other feeder! That was a nice surprise!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where I was when ...

November 22, 1963: I was in my 3rd semester at Florida Christian College when President Kennedy was assassinated. I was not in the drama club, but I remember that the fall play was "The Mouse that Roared". The student who played the president looked strikingly like JFK. The play went on as planned.

May 9, 1980: I was driving for United Cab, Tampa, when the Sunshine Skyway Bridge went down. Several people were killed. I usually worked Tampa International Airport - had just returned from an early trip, taking a businessman home not far from TIA. It was raining hard. When I got back to TIA, someone said, "Did you hear? The Bridge went down!" There are a LOT of bridges in the bay area, but in taxi-talk, "The Bridge" meant the Skyway. Any of us could have been on it because we frequently got fares from TIA going to the Sarasota area. It was a long time before I could go over what was left of the bridge (the northbound span was opened to 2-way traffic). After the new bridge was built, I eventually rode over it late one night, alone on my Honda 400 motorcycle.

January 28, 1986: I was senior switchboard operator at the Holiday Inn, downtown Tampa, Florida, when the "Challenger" blew up. I could have seen it if the switchboard had been facing East rather than North. We could still see the smoke for awhile afterward..

November 16, 1989: I was corporate switchboard operator for Raybro Electric (Tampa, Florida) when someone I knew burned down my house. A young man near my son's age, who attended worship when I did, had gotten upset with me. He showed up during my lunch hour that day, and I told him to leave. About 1 p.m., I got a call from my neighbor, telling me to come home, that my house was on fire. The young man, severely mentally ill, had gotten off his medicine, and supposedly was trying to kill himself. When the fire started, he went to my neighbor's, told her to call me, the fire department, and the sheriff. I stood and watched it burn. I can still picture it in my mind's eye. I spent Thanksgiving Day sitting in the ashes, writing inventory for the insurance company.

December 15, 1998: I was on I-20/59 by the Civic Center in downtown Birmingham, going to work at Bruno's corporate office, about 7 a.m., when, without warning, my left retina imploded. I worked the rest of the week, not thinking that if one eye did that, the other could, too.

Odd that I cannot think of where I was when some special GOOD things happened ...

A Guide Dog and the World Trade Centers

I am a member of the American Council of the Blind, one of 2 major advocacy groups for the blind in the USA. I've attended only one national convention, in Jacksonville, Florida a few years ago. One of the speakers was Michael Hingson. He and Roselle were on the 78th floor of the first tower that was hit on 9/11/01. Roselle, from Guide Dogs of America in San Rafael, California, helped Michael and several others to the street. Amazing! You can read their story on several on-line sites. Several years ago, a friend and I rode Amtrak to Emeryville (near Oakland), California, to visit kin who lived near there. While there, I got to visit the guide dog school in San Rafael. While I hope to never need a guide dog (and even with a good bit of usable sight, I qualify for one), it's good to know that I can get one - and know that their training is such as what Roselle did. God bless the USA.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Thinking about September 11, 2001

This will be long but that infamous 9/11 in 2001 was also a very long day!

I had heard that on the evening of September 8, 2002, Jeff May, the preacher for the Gardendale church of Christ, was going to preach a sermon about 9/11. Rather than attending worship where I was a member, I was there to hear him. These are my notes from that sermon. Jeff started with a short story, which I am also including here.


One day a man was strolling in a park near a lake,
when he saw another man fall in. Being a good swimmer, his immediate response was to jump in. He was able to save the near-drowning man. Some months later, this same man who almost drowned was brought, chained, into court for killing another person. The jurist was none other than the man who had pulled him out of the lake.

After the evidence had been given and the jury had spoken, the man behind the bench announced, "As the authority in this court, I now sentence you to death in the electric chair. Do you have any questions?"

The condemned man said, "Why is it that only a few months ago, you saved me, yet today you condemn me to death?"

Said the judge, "That day, I was your savior. Today I am your judge."

9/11 was LIKE the WORLD had STOPPED TURNING! All the world’s activities seemed to come to a stop because of one single event. People stopped whatever they were doing and became glued to a moment-by-moment unfolding of disaster. One day the affairs of this life will come to an end (II Peter 3:10). God waits to see who is going to love Him and live for Him and who is not. It is a probationary time. It is the whole purpose of our existence (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14). God is loving and patient as He waits for those people to be produced. But one day, it will be over (II Peter 3:9)

9/11 happened When MANY THOUGHT It NEVER Would. We've got the greatest military in the world. It’s not going to happen. Who would have thought it could happen? And the ones involved did it quite easily. Do you realize that when Jesus comes again, it'll be just like that? Hoards of people today say, “It's not gonna happen.” They mock at those who preach His return. Peter said they would (II Peter 3:3-4). Look at His response (3:5-10). People didn’t expect the flood either (Genesis 6) - 9/11 happened when many were saying, "Naa"

9/11 showed how TRAGEDY can COME at the MOMENT when We LEAST EXPECT It! It was an ordinary day in New York City. And then ... boom!!! That's precisely how it will be when the Lord comes again (I Thessalonians 5:1-9) - Like a thief! He does not call and tell you to get ready. The events of September 11 unfolded from the sky. Jesus returns on the clouds (Acts 1:9-11; I Thessalonians 4:16) - a shout, the voice of an archangel, and the trumpet. Graves will open. The living will be changed instantly (I Corinthians 15:51-53). All are given incorruptible bodies but that's not good news for everyone, depending on where you spend eternity.

9/11 Awakened a Few to WHAT MATTERED! One problem with the world we live in is that we seldom think about what really matters. A few things will jerk us there - death, disease. September 11 did!!! Was it a wake up call from God? I don't know. He does believe in them (Amos 4:6-11). It is not beyond Him to use a wicked and evil empire to get the attention of one considered less evil (Habakkuk 1:13). I'll take what happened last September 11 as a wake-up call. What should 9/11 do for right thinking people? See II Peter 3:11-13. This is the only thing that matters.

9/11 Left Two CLASSES of PEOPLE! DEAD and ALIVE - pictures held or posted near the World Trade Center, not knowing which of those two classes their loved ones were in. When Jesus comes again, there will only be two classes. Dead and alive. He separates them (Matthew 25). Both will have an eternal existence, but do you recall anywhere that both are called “life”? One of them is called the “second death”. Do we sometimes forget this? Many people have gotten it in their minds that Jesus' return is going to be like the first time - an announcement of good news to all the world. But not so (John 12:47-48). When Jesus comes again, which of those two groups of people will you be in?

9/11 Proved that ONE RELIGION is NOT as GOOD as ANOTHER! Many Islamic followers declare that the element of Islam that brought on the events of 9/11 is a radical element and does not represent the mindset of all Muslims. Maybe so. All I know is that the mindset and the religious beliefs of the men who brought September 11 to us is not from God.

Jesus taught 3 things the men who brought on 9/11 did not believe.
1. That the way of God is not advanced by physical war (Jihad) - (John 18:36; II Corinthians 10:4; Isaiah 2:4).
2. That He is the son of God. Islam places him as nothing more than a prophet.
3. That He is the only way to God (John 14:6). The early church spoke of "the way" and it was not the way of Islam.

We live in a world of world religions and denominationalism. What's right? Jesus is exclusive and says His way is the only way that's right. One religion is not as good as another.

A. What is His way? He spoke the truth before He left for Heaven.
B. Have you come to fully believe in Him as the Son of God? Have you confessed that faith? Would you turn from all your sins in repentance and be buried with Him to have them all washed away? (Mark 16:15-16)
C. It's going to stop turning!

Where will YOU be when the world stops turning?

(Thank you for reading this. Netagene ... and since posting that, I found another tribute. It's on - scroll to September 11 of this year.)


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