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I am a member of the church of Christ. I have been writing things since I was little. Some have been printed, some posted. I write to teach or encourage; to blow off steam; and for fun! I had my own motorcycle in my 40s; I was a bluegrass music DJ for about 13 years; I've performed some. I am a member of the NRA. In 2003 (age 59), I became high partial legally blind; in 2005, I had to get hearing aids! Franklin Field said: "Poor eyes limit your sight; poor vision limits your deeds". And no kidding, the picture was made April, 2012!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


... to my new friends for commenting on my writings! I hope you will continue to read what I think about, and are encouraged by it. I had quit posting for awhile but plan to do more of it. Thanks again!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Be PROUD of Yourself!

A lot of people, both young and old,
Sometimes have problems that need some help -
Glasses to see and aids to hear,
A sloping ramp instead of steps.

But that's not the person. That's only a trait,
Like tall or short or heavy or thin -
Just a description to distinguish us.
It has nothing to do with what's within.

Your body style oft' determines your clothes.
You can show your best ... you can emphasize,
So why not brighten your hearing aids,
Or wear fancy glasses frames for your eyes?

Be proud of yourself! We are each unique!
Don't try to hide! Don't be ashamed!
Wear bright colors, like flowers in spring!
Be proud of yourself, and jump into Life's game!

- by Netagene. I scribbled a few lines on January 11, 2012, and didn't write any more until I finished it a little while ago! For those of you who are unaware, here's a bit of explanation. A lot of people wear fancy, show-off eye glasses, but sometimes those same people - as well as a LOT of others, seem to be ashamed of having to wear hearing aids! I've been wearing glasses since I was about 15, became high partial legally blind when I was 59, and learned I had a significant hearing loss when I was 61, at which time I got hearing aids.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I read my Bible when I'm alone -
Concordance, dictionary in quiet at home -
Trying to show whose side I'm on.

I attend worship on the Lord's Day,
Where I study and sing and pray.

Sometimes it's hard just to get there.
My hope is that God will hear my prayer.

I talk about Jesus to family and friends -
What will await us when this life ends.

I discuss salvation. There's pow'r in Christ's blood.
We all have sinned. Only One is good.

Sometimes I merely "warm the pew" -
Taking up space - that's what I do.

My mind sometimes wanders, can't concentrate
On the sermon or lesson, or I can't stay awake.

I don't see well. I hear even less,
But still I attend. I'm contented. I'm blessed.

A house divided simply will not stand.
God's side or Satan's ... I'll hold to God's hand.

I keep on attending, stumbling along ...
Because I want God to know, it's HIS side I'm on.

- by Netagene, most of this written in a few minutes during Bible class this morning (because about all I could hear was the teacher, because he uses a mic) -

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


What will I become, when I'm old and gray?
Will I vegetate, or do things every day?

Will I sit and doze, or truly be alive?
Doing, teaching others! Emotionally, will I thrive?

I still have a brain, to use and be a sage -
Mentor those who're young - what I've learned with age!

My young plans probably changed. I took a different path.
Hopefully, it's better! ... a fulfilled aftermath!

My life is lived by faith. It's what I have become -
Acting on God's Laws, looking for a Heavenly home!

So when I've reached that river, at my life's setting sun,
May I have lived so that - I'll hear God say, "Well done!"

- by Netagene, in a few minutes Wednesday night, February 8, 2012. Even with my hearing aids and new batteries, and sitting in the middle and the teacher more or less using the mic, I could hear almost nothing that was said! I had a couple of lines somewhat in my head, from some recent article in the news paper. It didn't take me but about 15 minutes to write. About the only things I changed when I got home was to change the poem from 3rd person to 1st person. -