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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The WEATHER again!

Pretty bad when lately that's about all I write about, huh?

Friday was beautiful - cloudless and real sunny and about 60 degrees! I did have to wear layers because the wind was cold, but I rode the fixed route bus to buy some groceries. At least the bus ran on time.

Yesterday was sunny but cold, so except for getting the newspaper and walking to the mailbox, I stayed in.

Today? Ha! We did have morning worship (9:30 - 11:30) but the 5:00 service was canceled. (One couple has to go to Maine in a day or 2 to the funeral of the man's sister.)

The garbage truck comes by my house about 6:15 Monday and Thursday mornings, so about 5:30, I decided to take 2 little sacks to the street. Wrong ... the front steps were already getting slick. I looked outside about 8:15 this evening, and there's a good inch of snow covering my whole back deck.

I rather doubt that anything will be moving tomorrow - and that includes the newspaper carrier, the garbage truck, the mail carrier, the buses ... When I start to 2nd guess myself about having quit my job, I'll think of this weather.

Today's "Garfield" comic strip was this: Garfield was outside and one snowflake came down. He stomped it. Then a couple more snowflakes came down, and he stomped them. Then a LOT of snow started falling. He went inside, crawled in bed, and covered his head. John lifted a corner of Garfield's cover. Garfield said, "Wake me at the vernal equinox".

Amen. Hope YOU are warm.

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Linda Chapman said...

It is cold and icy here in Irving, Texas as well!! We are staying INSIDE this day...working on projects like cleaning out drawers, listing item on eBay, exercising to a grateful we do not HAVE to go anywhere or really DO anything!!
Stay warm!