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Thursday, April 11, 2013


I'm looking for a rainbow
during a raging storm's lull.
The sun's behind the clouds now.
The sky's overcast and dull.
The air is whispery, eerie calm.
following after blowing wind.
Only pitter-patter droplets
where downpour just has been.

I'm still looking for a rainbow,
but more dark clouds are moving in.
Listen! Distant thunder!
The stillness becomes wind.
Even though it's only mid-day,
street lights are coming on.
School buses are running early,
bringing children safely home.

The clock says it is day-time,
but the sky's near black again.
The storm's calm eye's passed over.
Here comes more howling wind.
Whether weather, whether life,
I prefer the calm, the sun,
but it take rain to make a rainbow,
and Heaven waits when this life's done.

- by Netagene. I wrote that on this day, in about 30 minutes, while sitting on my porch during the storm. Prayers going to people in other areas in a few other states, which got the brunt of the eastward moving storm. There were a few deaths and a good bit of destruction in some places.

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