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Friday, March 4, 2016

I Can't Hear! I Can't Hear!

I can't hear! I can't hear!
I can tell there's a sound but it's not clear.
It might be words or a hum or a sigh.
Maybe it's sweet. Maybe it's a cry.

It's more distorted if it gets loud.
Think of the noise of an excited crowd.
My ears can't grasp a certain range.
A tone higher or lower -- can you make that change?

Sometimes I may ask you to repeat.
Put yourself in my "ears". Please be sweet.
Don't say, "doesn't matter" or "never mind".
That's very rude. That's really unkind.

I don't want pity and I hate to rant.
Maybe now YOU can hear -- but what if one day, you can't?

By Netagene, in a few minutes, March 2, 2016. I emailed this to several who had articles published in the current magazine issue of the Hearing Loss Association of America. One professor at Gallaudet University wrote back, asking my permission to print and use it there. I also emailed it to the SayWhatClub's listserv, and posted it on the HLAA Facebook wall, the SWC Facebook wall, and my own Facebook wall. I got a LOT of "likes", plus requests to use it in various meetings.

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