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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


A long time ago in a far-off country, the king needed a new wagon driver. He interviewed a lot of men who wanted to be his new chauffeur. He narrowed it down to three men.

He had a new, sturdy wagon. The little kingdom he ruled, though, was high in the mountains. You know what that means: narrow roads, many curves, high walls on one side, and a steep drop-off on the other side.

The first man to try out for the job was proud that he could drive so fast and get the king wherever he wanted to go in a hurry, and in plenty of time.

The next man drove slower and kept close to the wall.

The final man didn't drive fast, but drove the wagon as close to the cliff as he could because he like to see the beautiful scenery and thought the king would also enjoy seeing all the beauty that was in the valley below.


Which man do you think the king chose, and why?

(This is an old, old story, which I wrote down from memory and posted on my FaceBook wall on January 28, 2013.)

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