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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weather Blessings?

The sun is shining. The grass is brown.
The yard has become a small lake.
Blame it on the weird weather.
Sometimes it's a bit hard to take.

One day it will be 70,
cloudless and just a light breeze.
The next day will be rain and tornadoes.
The next day: 28, and we freeze!

But it gives me pause while I'm inside,
to thank God for what blessings are mine -
that I'm sheltered from things that are outside,
knowing all things happen in God's time.

- by Netagene. I wrote that in about 5 minutes, about 12:30 p.m. today. And that is just how the weather has been: 70 a few days ago, rain and thunder so that part of my backyard is a small, shallow "lake", storms yesterday (tornadoes missed us but hit a small town NW of Atlanta), in the 20s last night, and today is cold and windy but real sunny.

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