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Monday, March 18, 2013


... or "Extreme Places" ...

Tourism is rising in Antarctica,
That's NOT where I want to go.
Heaven's MY "tourist" attraction,
I'm working on that while below.

No trips to Mount Everest or the Dead Sea –
No trips to the highest or lowest.
No trips to Death Valley or Antarctica –
No trips to the hottest or coldest.

God made me to live somewhere better,
not this alien land called the earth.
I'm working my way to LIVE there,
ever since I had my new birth!

My house down here's on solid land –
No sinkholes I can see,.
I'm pressing on to higher ground, where
God's preparing a mansion for me!

I won't have some step-on-the-bus guide person.
My guide will be much better than that.
My guide on my flight will be God's messenger –
an angel to God's "Welcome" mat!

Might as well spend your money here, traveling –
Can't take it with you when you're not here!
My treasures – laid up forever in Heaven –
With God and all things lovely and dear!

- by Netagene, March 16 and 17, 2013 -

A friend sent me a link about tourism in Antarctica, having had a brain burp and thinking Antarctica rather than Alaska for my hoped-for upcoming trip. But she got me to thinking, and I wrote back to her: "I SURE don't want to go to Antarctica! I also don't want to go to Mount Everest, etc., nor to Death Valley - solid land, not the highest or lowest ... or hottest or coldest!" 

I looked on line and found another place which is higher than Everest, depending if you measure from sea level or from where. And there are other places about as cold as Antarctica – a couple places in Russia, Greenland, and Canada. And I know –  but haven't looked this up recently, that there's a trench in the Indian Ocean or some such, that is as deep below sea level as Everest is as high ABOVE sea level - also somewhere I don't want to go!

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