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Saturday, August 31, 2013


I was a person when first conceived,
though some don't think that – some don't believe.

Once we're all started on our race,
we go different directions, each our own pace.

Each one different size, each a different shade,
but our blood is the same, because we are God-made.

I may be happy, I may be sad,
Most times I'm good, but sometimes I'm bad.

I obey God or not during my life here below.
God gives me a mind to choose how I go,

But one thing is certain, indelibly sure:
God wants me to live right, no matter how long I endure.

I'll live forever, on earth: short or long, 
but my place is in Heaven. That's where I belong.

In choosing my life, it's Heaven or Hell.
How I live here is how I'll ever dwell.

I'm too old to die young, but I don't know the day.  
You don't know either – better walk in "The Way".

Choosing to live righteously is a real endeavor.
Breathing our last here is when we are severed –
But it happens to all – can't say it's never.
It's this year, or next year, or sometime – forever.

- by Netagene, August 28, 2013 -

I read the line: "This year, next year, sometime, never", in a novel. An Englishman was counting the cherry pits on his plate. As he touched each with his spoon, he said those words – that it’s sort of like "loves me, loves me not".

I tried to work in that line ... thinking of when each person passes from this life, that it may be this year, or next year, but it WILL be sometime, and it will be forever (NOT that it will NEVER happen). I read the line about midnight, and wrote this in 20 or so minutes.

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