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Saturday, September 3, 2016


Southern like no other'n --
Tasty fried green 'maters!
Salt and pepper added
To those, and mashed pertaters!

Southern like no other'n --
Kentucky Wonders! (Them's green beans!)
Sweet corn from Granny's garden!
Goodness! What I mean!

Southern like no other'n --
Biscuits and country ham!
Scuppernongs from the arbor --
Mama made some into jam!

Southern like no other'n --
Okry from Grandpa's yard --
Cornbread and sweet cream butter!
This eatin' makes me t'ared!

Southern like no other'n -- 
Egg custard and choc’lit cake --
Lemon meringue and nanner puddin' – 
Yum! How them aunties can bake!

Southern like no other'n --
Pecans from a big ol' tree --
Sorghum syrup ... I want some!
I hope that pie's for me!

Southern like no other'n --
Got a job for old man Geezer!
Add milk and eggs and berries.
Start crankin’ that ice cream freezer!

Southern like no other'n -- 
If you're hungry, well, it's your own fault! 
There ain't gonna be no leftovers.
"Clean your plate" 's what we was taught.

Southern like no other'n --
Sweet tea and ginger snaps --
A sugar high! 0h, definitely!
Then us'll take some naps!

Southern like no other'n --
Let's bow our heads and pray.
"We thank you, Heavenly Father,
For blessin’ us every day!"

-- by Netagene Kirkpatrick. I wrote all but 2 verses in less than an hour on September 3, 2016! I actually wrote the title, not thinking about a poem, when I commented on the Bud's Best cookies Facebook wall a couple of days previously! I wrote 2 additional verses (I'm not telling which ones!) on September 4. --

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