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Sunday, February 19, 2012


I read my Bible when I'm alone -
Concordance, dictionary in quiet at home -
Trying to show whose side I'm on.

I attend worship on the Lord's Day,
Where I study and sing and pray.

Sometimes it's hard just to get there.
My hope is that God will hear my prayer.

I talk about Jesus to family and friends -
What will await us when this life ends.

I discuss salvation. There's pow'r in Christ's blood.
We all have sinned. Only One is good.

Sometimes I merely "warm the pew" -
Taking up space - that's what I do.

My mind sometimes wanders, can't concentrate
On the sermon or lesson, or I can't stay awake.

I don't see well. I hear even less,
But still I attend. I'm contented. I'm blessed.

A house divided simply will not stand.
God's side or Satan's ... I'll hold to God's hand.

I keep on attending, stumbling along ...
Because I want God to know, it's HIS side I'm on.

- by Netagene, most of this written in a few minutes during Bible class this morning (because about all I could hear was the teacher, because he uses a mic) -

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SAM said...

This is absolutely inspiring. I want to share it with my Bible Study girls on Wednesday. So realistic and beautiful.

-Stephanie (from SAYWHAT on FB)