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I am a member of the church of Christ. I have been writing things since I was little. Some have been printed, some posted. I write to teach or encourage; to blow off steam; and for fun! I had my own motorcycle in my 40s; I was a bluegrass music DJ for about 13 years; I've performed some. I am a member of the NRA. In 2003 (age 59), I became high partial legally blind; in 2005, I had to get hearing aids! Franklin Field said: "Poor eyes limit your sight; poor vision limits your deeds". And no kidding, the picture was made April, 2012!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


What will I become, when I'm old and gray?
Will I vegetate, or do things every day?

Will I sit and doze, or truly be alive?
Doing, teaching others! Emotionally, will I thrive?

I still have a brain, to use and be a sage -
Mentor those who're young - what I've learned with age!

My young plans probably changed. I took a different path.
Hopefully, it's better! ... a fulfilled aftermath!

My life is lived by faith. It's what I have become -
Acting on God's Laws, looking for a Heavenly home!

So when I've reached that river, at my life's setting sun,
May I have lived so that - I'll hear God say, "Well done!"

- by Netagene, in a few minutes Wednesday night, February 8, 2012. Even with my hearing aids and new batteries, and sitting in the middle and the teacher more or less using the mic, I could hear almost nothing that was said! I had a couple of lines somewhat in my head, from some recent article in the news paper. It didn't take me but about 15 minutes to write. About the only things I changed when I got home was to change the poem from 3rd person to 1st person. -

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Jerry Falk said...

Very nice, Netagene!