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Saturday, January 18, 2014


I’m a person. What are you?
I’m not an animal from the zoo,
Not “evolved” from ape or slime –
God gave me breath, made me sublime.

Eons ago, when God made man,
He also came up with a plan.
First made a garden, put Adam there,
And Eve, then too, their lives to share.

God also gave a mind to choose:
Obey His Laws, or not – and lose.
Then Satan came, and through deceit,
The Adams lost, much to our grief.

But God the Father sent His Son,
A sacrifice for everyone.
We all know of the virgin birth,
How Christ the Son came to the earth.

The sacrifice – a perfect lamb,
Was God the Son, the Great I am.
Was buried, but o’ercame His foes –
The risen Savior – Christ arose!

I wrote that August 17, 2010, but only recently found it! It didn’t even have a title, so the best I could come up with was what you see. And even now, I may add to it!

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