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Saturday, January 18, 2014

I say

I say I'm a Christian and have been for years
but I really can't tell you when,
or if I prayed through or whatever it was
that you had to do way back then.

I say I love God and the things that He wrote,
The Bible, I'm told, is His book.
Right now I'm not sure where it is in my house.
Guess I’ll find it when I find time to look.

I say that I'm good and don't think that I sin,
that ''little white lies'' are OK.
That's how I feel, and it's fine with me,
if Jesus came back today.

I say it's not cursing to use God's name
as a by-word, when I mean ''wow" or "cool"!
It's common today, and I see no problem.
Besides, I'm not breaking some rule.

I say that Sunday's my time with my family.
No, I don't go to church any more.
Most preachers are boring and there's hypocrites there,
so you won't see me wasting time at their door.

I say to my friends, "Please save your breath
about church, 'cause I really don't care.
So what that your worship's important to you.
I wish you didn’t think you must share!”

I say there's no Heaven and certainly no Hell,
that thIs life is all that there is.
So I cruise along, doing whatever I want,
Living in sweet ignorant bliss.

I say "but what if" what my friends say is true –
Yeah, sometimes I have a few doubts.
But I'll take my chances. I'm OK with my life.
I'll play 'til my lights go out.

But if what they say – that there's more than this life –
there's Hell and there's Satan and sin ...
They talk, too, of mercy, so when I finally pass through –
Maybe God will still tell me "come in"!

- by Netagene, January 16 & January 17, 2014. No, I don't say that! I wrote it as something that some others might say. -

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