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Thursday, October 2, 2014


Happy Birthday, yes, to you!
And yes, you’re not a babe –
But yes, in one sense, oh! you are –
Yes, now you’re truly saved!

So you were born some time ago,
To parents here on earth,
But this time’s so much better!
It’s now your spiritual birth!

This birthday, you died to sin.
You shed your dirty clothes.
God washed you white – you know it’s true!
You’re new when you arose!

Christ is now your brother.
You’ll never be alone!
As long as you stay faithful,
You’ll see your Heavenly home!

So Happy Birthday at this time!
You know for sure you’re right!
And now, my friend, God blesses you
As you walk in His light!

- by Netagene Kirkpatrick, in about 10 minutes, October 1, 2014, for a new Christian, though in this case, for a lady in her 70s who has been a Christians for years, but began to think that she had been baptized for the wrong reason or some such, when she was young. She was baptized again on September 24, 2014. Better to be SURE! -

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