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Monday, May 23, 2016



My friend, you've always been so calm,
A help in many ways.
I know YOU often go through trials,
Some low and gloomy days.
I don't know how you carry on.
You've heard your share of sighs.
It's sweet that others see the love
Light shining in your eyes.

You always do so many things,
Diverse and everywhere.
I pray you'll stop and care for YOU,
Let others do their share.
I know you must be spread so thin.
You go when you hear cries --
Some laughter, too, and I can see
Light shining in your eyes.

But lately, friend, your steps seem strained,
Distracted, maybe blue,
Pressing toward a better land
When this short life is through
I'm with you there as I grow old
And loose these earthly ties.
It's fine as slow it slips away
Light fading from our eyes.

There comes a time to pass the torch.
It's hard to lay it down.
Sweet sadness, memories, letting go,
Forced smile to hide your frown.
I'm grateful for the things you do.
We all know how time flies.
God bless you for what all you do with
Light shining in your eyes.

~ by Netagene, May 22, 2016. I can think of more than one person this fits, but I got the idea and initial thought from something Mrs. Davis said a few days previously. The preacher where we worship recently has had shingles and bronchitis, in addition to diabetes and heart problems. He also fell a couple of months ago working in his backyard garden. He IS spread thin, and tries to go every time anyone calls, in addition to preaching 2 sermons and teaching 2 (sometimes 3) Bible classes every week. Lately he has really looked tired. Mrs. D said that it looked like the "light had gone out of his eyes". For years he's been highly involved with the FC Alabama camp. I told him at lunch one day last year, when he was talking about camp, that maybe it was time he "passed the torch". I could tell he wasn't happy with that. This year, he isn't even going to the camp, so in that, he HAS passed the torch.

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