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Saturday, June 18, 2016


Old Lady with a walking cane
Learned it wasn't much help at all.
Old Lady walking down a slope
Was really afraid she might fall.

Old Lady found it wasn't too bad
To uphill walk a slope.
Old Lady, taking a step at a time
Trudged on, holding onto hope.

Old Lady finally admits that, yeah,
She knows she's getting old.
Old Lady's going to stop taking chances,
To quit trying to be so bold.

Old Lady has some smarts, for sure,
Decides to use her brain.
Old Lady had already bought other things
Because falling would be a pain.

Old Lady bought stuff a few years ago,
While she had money to spend.
Old Lady knew prices only go up.
She knew her years might soon end.

Old Lady now uses a walker,
An ugly aluminum frame.
Old Lady decorates it pretty.
"Ugly" is not her game.

Old Lady has help for sight and sound,
And now for walking, too.
Old Lady's still alive and goes and goes
And sings and tells God, "thank you!"

 ~ By Netagene, in about 10 minutes Thursday, June 16, 2016. I think it's finished. Could be better if I'd taken more time. (I still might reword some.) Yes, I'm using a walker more and more frequently. I haven't decorated it yet but I'm trying to come up with something real soon. I used to decorate my long white cane.

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