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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Shortly after I moved back here, it seemed that everytime anyone died, of the church where I worshipped, I was asked to be one of the singers at the funeral! (I have sung in only one wedding - my sister's, and did not sing but did an acapella arrangement for women's trio of "The Lord's Prayer" for another wedding.) Usually I was asked to sing alto - once in awhile lead or tenor. There was usually an octet. And 1 or 2 of my poems were read at a funeral a couple of years ago, then last month, the mother of a co-worker died, and Glenda asked me for some poems. One I wrote personally for/about her mother was printed in the funeral program. The other, "Gatherings", was listed in the program, and read at the funeral.

Gather at weddings, gather at births,
Gather in sickness - our cycle on earth.
Gather the children, gather the kin,
While there's still time, gather them in.
Have get-togethers for no reason or rhyme -
Friends touching friends now while there's time.
Gather the friends who're from far and near.
Gather to visit. We may shed a tear.
Gather my loved ones. I know it's so sad
To see me right now, but remember, I'm glad!
Gather around me on these, my last days.
Gather for singing with me - sing God's praise!
Gather and listen. Heed what God wrote.
Study your Bible. Don't just say it by rote.
Gather ... you hear me? My body will die.
I long for the gathering in that Sweet Bye and Bye.
Gather in parting - no more pain and strife,
But gather rejoicing as I leave this life.
I'll gather once more with the Saints gone before,
Gathering with them on Heaven's bright shore.
Gather to praise Him from whom blessings flow.
Gather in Unity and Peace as I go.
Gather in worship. Trust and obey.
What a gathering in Heaven when we meet Judgement Day!

- by Netagene, May 3, 2009 -

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