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Friday, February 5, 2010


Ever notice when some person enters, that the place seems suddenly gloomy?
It's like someone has pulled the shades. It's sepulcher-y, tomb-y.
Like Joe with unpronounceable name, in "L'il Abner" long ago,
With ever a dark cloud over his head, no matter where he'd go ...
Some people seem to bring the rain, or cold when things were hot.
You really want to run from them, so you won't catch what they have got.

But others brighten up a room, and calm things when they enter.
You're always glad to see them. They treat you like a winner.
Things may be bad 'til they show up. Their words and voice are soothing.
Never condescending, always nice, caressing, warm, alluring.

Someone whom others often dread, or one they're glad to see -
Do I bring sunshine or shadows? Which do I want to be?
Shadows, rain, a glowering chill - Is this what cloaks my mind?
I'd rather bring some brighter thing - not shadows, but sunshine!

- by Netagene, written in a few minutes today, with this being yet another of dripping sunless weather and still having mud in my brain - I want summer! -

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