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Thursday, February 25, 2010


We all do things without thinking sometimes.
We don't take a minute - just ride with the flow.
But now our judgment says we didn't do right,
But yesterday's past, so just LET IT GO.
We spoke out of turn. We should have kept quiet.
We hurt a friend with an unfeeling blow.
Forgiveness is there, but so is the scar.
But yesterday's past, so just LET IT GO.
Before we move on, let's remember one thing:
Never brush off things that we've done low.
First ask for forgiveness, then repent of our deeds,
Then with a clear heart, we can get up and GO.
A long time friend has hurt you some way,
Or an opportunity came, and you didn't show.
But today's a new chance to get it all right, because
Yesterday's past, so just LET IT GO.
Or maybe we did something kind, something good.
We feel we're redeemed, and we want to crow.
But in Life's race, you can't rest on your wins, because
Yesterday's past, so just LET IT GO.
Like a rickety house that is fixed and still stands,
Treat everyone well, whether friend, whether foe.
Don't gloat on the good, but learn from the bad.
Yesterday's past, so just LET IT GO.
Tomorrow's uncertain. It may never come.
Take mind of our deeds. We'll reap what we sow.
Heaven - or Hell - awaits us at last.
The good and the bad - is yesterday's past.
Today's all we have, so let's GET UP AND GO!

Several years ago, preacher T.D. Jakes wrote an article called "Let It Go". I don't know why I was thinking of that at the time I wrote this. Some people don't "get" what I meant by the rickety house, so if you don't, just ask me. I wrote most of this March 20, 2009.

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