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Saturday, March 6, 2010

In conclusion

It was 26 on my porch this morning, with frost. I waited 45 minutes for a bus that never came, only to learn that the driver missed the first couple of miles, and started the route at the community college 1/2 mile past my stop. Shane got on, called me, I called and woke Anthony (my neighbor who's often awake by then - it was 6:30), who then took me to WM. Frozen phlanges? They still hurt! Anthony was nice enough to come back to get us. Had we ridden the bus home (yes, it would have been the same driver), I'm sure both Shane and I would have felt like punching the driver for this morning's fiasco. Yes, I did e-mail the bus' executive director. Shane and I bought breakfast at McD's, then bought some for Anthony. Shane and I are an "odd couple": he's 38; I'm - ahem; with Anthony, we make an "odd trio": Shane and I are short and, shall we say, "chunky", white; Anthony's tall, slender, black. We have a great time together though, and it's especially nice to have a neighbor who doesn't mind being waked up to take a couple of blindies somewhere.

Then ... I'm sure I'm boring you but that's obviously not stopping me! ... Diana, my sister, was kind enough to take me to H&R Block to sign my tax stuff and pay for it. Then we went a few more places, and I treated her to lunch. She had some Hardee's coupons, which I used. I had a 1/3 pound thickburger and fries and a diet Dr Pepper. (I had diet Coke with McD's breakfast about 8:30 today, so I'm on a caffeine "high" this afternoon.) She had the same kind of burger, onion rings, and water. I've learned that one way to be able to eat all that meat - is not to eat but half the bun; those carbohydrates fill you up! It was the best burger I've had in a long time. The only "minus" was that there was only 1 thin slice of tomato (not vine-ripe either). I'm sure my arteries are yelling at me, but with all that protein, my brain should be OK! (Any questions as to what I mean, ask me.)

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