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Monday, May 16, 2011


You see all kinds when you ride the bus. Here's 2 for you.

I get on the bus a couple of stops before a community college, which happens to be the end of the line. Recently a young man got off at the college. From the top down, he was wearing a baseball cap, had 1 or maybe 2 earrings, a white "athletic" undershirt (like Daddy used to wear - all cotton and with big armholes), a black backpack, black and white checked pants with the waist low, the cuffs to his knees or a little lower, black socks, brown sandals.

A few days ago, a girl got on the bus. She looked to be maybe late teens. She had a baby, maybe 5 months old, in a stroller. She was wearing big gold earrings, a tight top that came about as high as it could go in front without showing "anything", flip flops, tight jeans that went as low as they could go without showing anything, and looked to be about 7 or 8 months pregnant, with all of that part of her skin in plain view. I suspect that she was not married.

I don't dress up when I ride the bus, but I am going to be decent. These 2 "children", in my opinion, were not only tacky, but the girl especially was immodest.

Another woman, about 30-ish, real pretty hair-do, nice manicure, also on the bus, had on a top that looked like a bathing suit, one strap, skin tight shorts. It amazes me the way people dress out in public. Actually some of it makes me almost feel like I'm going to throw up!

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