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Monday, May 9, 2011


Shadows are ephemeral, fleeting, transitory,
Like some whisper in a dream, or half forgotten childhood story.

Life's sometimes like a low-flying cloud twixt the sun and the earth -
Its long shadow matted gray, muting music, words, and mirth.

Standing still, head lowered, puzzled, back against the sun,
Shadow, dark, stretched out before me, dancing zigzag when I run.
Like skies lowering, soon to rain, shadows hush the songbird's call.
Lurking ominous and frightening, as though urging me to fall.

Often deemed to be a burden - heavy, black, and fraught with rain.
Yet some shadows are protective, shielding me from want and pain.

God's sometimes pictured as an eagle - often raptor, never dove,
But His huge wings oft o'ershadow, guarding with undying love.
So when shadows hover 'round me, do I crouch in fear, and whine?
Or remember God's protection - all things done in His own time.

- by Netagene, Sunday, May 8, 2011 -

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