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Friday, October 19, 2012


No one is an island, so says an old song.
Each of us needs another, to learn how to get along.
Some might say a mentor, or today: maybe “Superman”
Someone to look to for guidance, someone to lend a hand.

Some set bad examples – movie stars and athletes –
In the news, living immorally – thinking life's all fun and treats.
They're more interested in worldly riches – for others to know them well.
Those aren't the ones to follow. Their paths go down to Hell. 

Look up to someone who's wiser – hopefully your parents are such!
Maybe your best friend's uncle, or a big sister, a preacher, a coach. 
But the best to always look to as mentor – is Jesus, our Lord, the Christ.
His Word is our forever example -- to get to Heaven at last.

~ by Netagene, the 2nd week of October, 2012. I posted the verses on Facebook, with the 1st verse on October 14, the 2nd verse the 17th, the last verse the 19th. I got the idea from the first full sermon that Wesley Peden preached at the Coral Hill church of Christ in Glasgow, Kentucky, Sunday, October 7. He called his sermon "Super Heroes". Wesley is the oldest grandchild of Robert Franklin and Catherine Bagby, who I rode Greyhound Bus to visit October 4-8. When Wesley got in the pulpit and put a picture of Superman on the screen, Catherine and I looked at each other, as "Huh??? Where's he going?" It was a good sermon. I took a few notes. Wesley is also the only one of their grandchildren who’s married. He and his wife are expecting their first child in a few months. I’m sure that was on Wesley’s mind, in talking about how children look up to others, and that it often is a super hero, an athlete, a movie star, etc., but that children need positive mentors.

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