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Saturday, May 22, 2010


... or David and Goliath. The Bible story is what I thought of about 6 this evening when something happened. As usual, I was on my front porch, crocheting, even though it was about 90 degrees. I heard a bird really start squawking, and noticed a cardinal on the power line that goes to my house. (I can tell a cardinal because of the tuff on its head, and if it's close enough, by its bright yellow beak; with the sparrows and nuthatches, I can tell which is which because sparrows have long tails and short beaks; nuthatches have short tails and long beaks.) A couple of seconds after the racket started, I saw a yellow cat saunter through my yard, almost directly under the power line. I stomped my foot, the cat looked up then started to trot. The next several seconds were wild. I heard a mockingbird start to scream, the cat was running zigzag through my yard and next door and across the street, and the mockingbird was swooping and diving right behind the cat. Finally the cat ran into some bushes next to a fence across the street - and all was calm again ... a bird that weighs only a few ounces ... and a cat that weighed maybe 12 pounds ... Size didn't matter; attitude won the battle ... David and Goliath.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! I love anecdotes like this that take every day situations and tie them directly into scripture!