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Thursday, June 3, 2010

2 weeks

No, I'm still here. My phone line quit sometime during Friday night of last week. Because Mother's went out a few days before mine, I thought maybe it was something in the lines in this area - she lives 2 miles from me. It wasn't - was just a coincidence. With her being 93 and alone a lot, she needs a land line. My sister reported it to repair, but nothing had been done. So last Tuesday, shortly after I got to work, I called the Public Service Commission. Mother's phone was back to working yesterday. Mine was back today. It's a little bit too lengthy to go into here, but there's more to what happened than I'll go into here. Of course I've been having "withdrawals", not being able to get on line!

In addition, a friend called a few days ago and asked if I felt like I was a year older. I told him no, only a day older than the day before. We have a "birthday club" at work that we each put $2 a month. One of the engineers brought in an ice cream cake for me on Tuesday (my birthday was over the weekend). Luckily we have a refrigerator in our office. There's still about 3 pieces left, which some of us will finish off tomorrow.

And my air conditioning here at home has quit! In talking to a handyman friend, he said it sounds like just the freon stuff, and gave me the number of a man who does HVAC. I left that man a message, and hope he calls tomorrow! We've been having rain almost everyday, but the temperature's also been about 90 during the day. In that respect, I'm glad I'm in the COOL office - though a lot of the buses don't have working air conditioning.

And speaking of the buses (I'm catching up!), I get off work at 4:30, and last Friday, my driver didn't get me home until 7:40!

Join me now: groan - complain - whine - fuss - gripe ... !!!

And I've almost got a new poem written. The idea is from Revelation 3:16.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Netagene! I love ice cream cakes! Mmm!

Sorry about your A/C going out. The rain can be a good thing, I suppose, until the sun comes out right after and creates a sauna effect! I hope it gets fixed soon!

Netagene said...

My boss almost didn't get any of the ice cream cake! I work for the state highway department, the little office that does the actual road repairs and such (not the big office where the planners and right of way people and so on, are), so our district engineer is out a lot. About noon yesterday I told him that there was one good size piece left. He finally got it about noon. And yes, it was a sauna yesterday when the rain cleared and the sun came out! But beautiful!