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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I wrote yet another poem today, which I will wait and post in a night or two. It's called "Rein Me In". I am to a place where I wish my brain would turn off! A thought gets in my mind, and it seems that, like a leaky faucet, there is no way to make it stop dripping. Sometimes I can stem the flow a little. Once in awhile, a poem will come to me almost entire, and other times, something will come in spurts, maybe a verse or two, or some significant line or idea. A few have sat around for a few years before I have been able to finish them.

Here's one I wrote on August 30, 2007, after which I noted that it took me 30 minutes to write all of it.


I wish I did not "have" to write. Sometimes I feel like it's a blight -
A scary thing like awn on rye, a plague that spreads and just won't die!
Like blood that spurts out from a wound, it oozes words and makes me swoon!
And that's what this is at this time! It comes unbidden and it rhymes!
Some are more like falling snow, touching softly, comforting flow -
And some are petals, like a rose - from ashes, Phoenix, lively prose!
Why do I pen these odd wordings? I guess it helps me handle things,
When I'm happy or if I'm mad, it rains the same for good or bad.
Random thoughts - I hold a pen - I write stuff down as my mind spins.
A couplet here, or maybe more, musing idly, what's in store?
I'll see what comes to mind today, before I send this on its way.
I'll look for some big word to use - enigmatic! I like to confuse!
Dictionary! Learn a word! Dr. Seussian! Fun! Absurd!
Several meanings, or semantically deep! Use one time or go for keeps!
A precious gift, a silly prize, Speedy churns on. The time just flies!
Let's see if I can make this end ...
as on its tottering way it wends.

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