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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Computer, etc.

A short update - Shane's mother brought him to my house yesterday and I think he worked another 2-to-3 hours. He could not get Linux to install, but was able, with yet another set of discs, to get Windows installed completely again. For some reason though, IE continues to go to the fake site for some AV programs. At least he had loaded the real Malwarebytes on a thumb drive, so that's here and running. Lost all my old email that was in OE, but at least the address book was intact. Don't have Quicken and no luck finding the free one on the internet. At least I'd copied all my checking account stuff to a Word document. Couldn't get the audio drivers to work, so no sound for now (no big deal for me because I rarely listened to anything). I found the drivers on line for my printer but haven't installed them again yet. And I don't have MS Office installed, nor Open Office, which I've heard is as good. For now, I'm typing things into Word Pad.

When you are unable to see well enough to drive, the computer is most handy. Shane also does not see well. He rode the fixed route bus home.

Because I still don't feel well, I'm not on line a lot lately - mostly napping and drinking a lot of water.

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