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Saturday, August 14, 2010


This is about TV and worship. You're wondering, "Huh?"

I've never watched TV much. My family didn't get one until I was 15, so by then, I had hobbies that I enjoyed doing (rather than watching TV and being "done to").

I've never had cable or satellite TV, and with the digital box hooked to my 24" screen TV, where my house is located, all I can get is Fox 6, which has, among other things on Saturday, "American Idol Revisited" and "America's Most Wanted".

About the only shows I miss are things on APTV, especially the Britcoms: "Waiting for God" (my favorite), "Are You Being Served?", "The Vicar of Dibley", and so on. Years ago, I also watched "Jeopardy" (Mother tried and tried to get me to try out for that), "Wheel of Fortune", "Hee Haw", the old sitcoms: M*A*S*H (my favorite), Red Skelton, the Andy Griffith Show, and so on. But I don't miss them enough to do anything about it!

I read the TV section in today's paper. I know why I am not even interested in watching TV. A lot of the synopses about shows on tonight told about vampires, nudity, fornication/adultery, murder (crime of all kinds) ... That's entertainment? No thanks. The Bible says (Philippians 4:8) to think on good things.

Then there's entertainment of the religious kind, which is clean.

In Saturday's paper is a list of the happenings at area churches: concerts, dance, fun and games, a health fair, money management seminar, a bake sale, a spaghetti supper ... Rarely was anything spiritual listed. As I wrote on July `2, did Jesus die for all these things? Aren't homes and schools and cities and corporations the ones to have concerts and classes and such? To me, churches are - or should be - about being saved, about what happens to us when we pass from this life!

To some, the services where I worship are probably boring because we don't clap our hands or have choirs and such, but we do learn the Bible and we do learn about Jesus and we do learn who created everything and we do learn what to do to go to Heaven. That's enough for me.

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Anonymous said...

You're so right about TV. It is mostly smut these days. I admit, I do have a few "guilty pleasures" but still a decent amount of discernment to know when to change the channel.

You can't even watch shows on Food Network (which we really enjoy) without a censor bleep or someone using God's name in vain.

The only way to avoid it is to just not watch TV, but I don't see that happening in our house anytime soon!

We are very selective in our music choices, which are 99% Christian music groups and worship teams. Same with movies - it's rare we rent higher than a PG-13 and we try to stick with as many Christian themed movies as possible.

But it seems like anymore, the rules for Hollywood are far less rigid. Worse things can be said & shown than what used to be the "norm". PG-13 gets away with a lot more than it used to. We've turned off many movies within the first 5 minutes because of the blasphemy. That's why we rent from Red Box if we do rent anything at all - it's only a $1 investment/loss.