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Saturday, August 7, 2010

No, I didn't disappear!

Hope you are well. The "sunny South" has been way too sunny, even for me, with daytime temperatures above 90 for about a month, and the heat index over 100 most days. We had about an hour of welcome relief the last 2 days in the way of afternoon T-storms. On the bus on the way home from work on Thursday, my driver almost had to pull off the road because of the deluge. There were a lot of lightning strikes, and traffic signals were out in places. Luckily it seemed that everyone, even on the highway, was treating it like a 4-way stop.

I've been off-line a lot because of computer problems. Shane and I got a ride to Best Buy recently and I bought an external hard drive. He moved things to it for me, then tried to reload Windows. No go. So - another day, and he was able to use some discs he had to reload Windows, but the system wouldn't take the key. He then was able to load it another way, though I'm on a countdown with about 26 days left. He's going to try one more time, maybe later today, with some other discs. If that still fails, he knows how to install Linux and Open Office, neither which I've ever used.

Another problem is that in trying to again find the "real" Malwarebytes, AVAST, SpyBot ... something from Sammsoft comes up, and according to another site, Sammsoft is NOT the real thing! I know what the real icons look like, and the ones that I found are completely different. Obviously shortly after I installed those programs, I deleted them. What a mess! Thanks to Ann in Texas, I did get the real SuperAnitSpyware, which is up and running.

Right now, I do not have sound or a printer. I miss the printer.

Last and least is about me ... I've had sinus problems as long as I can remember, and this year has been the worst. The extreme heat (and riding buses, many which the air conditioners do not work), smoke (neighbors cooking out), grass/pollen ... just to keep from "drowning", I've had to "live" on Claritin during the daytime, and Benedryl, Tylenol PM, and cough syrup at night. I hardly have energy to type, much less crochet! No real need to go to the doctor because most scrips have terrible side effects. Otherwise, I'm well.

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