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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Surprising how things seem to tie in together.

We have 2 engineers in the office where I work at the highway department. One is also a lawyer.

She recently won a trip (because of some paper she had written) to the Alabama Bar Association's convention in Destin, FL. On return, I asked about the convention, if there were interesting seminars and such (one co-worker was more interested in how much did she party). She said that the keynote speaker was a lawyer who had worked at the White House under Nixon, and was involved somewhat in the Watergate mess. I'm not much into politics, but especially remembered the names of some involved, though I didn't remember this particular person.

She showed me a book of the Power Point Presentation slides that the man used. He is Egil "Bud" Krogh. A few years ago, he wrote a book called "Integrity: Good People, Bad Choices, and Life Lessons from the White House". She offered to loan it to me after she had read it (she bought it at the convention and had him autograph it), but after reading more on line, I bought a like-new copy from because it sounded like something that I'd like to read more than once. His site is simply Here's one little bit from it:

What is happening within the Integrity Zone?

The Integrity Zone is a plan of action, bases on the belief that you want to act in good conscience. In order to be in good conscience, it is imperative to act with integrity. If you do, you'll have a beneficial outcome. Here is that core idea in a diagram:

I encourage you to find a copy and read it. I am going to reread it - and I tend to mark in a book (another reason I sure didn't want to borrow my boss's copy)!

Today's Bible study was about Joseph in Genesis 39. The visiting teacher/preacher (Steve is out sick) talked about how Joseph was tempted, but that he did what was right.

When I feel better, I'll expand on both Bud Krogh's book, and points from Scott's Bible lesson about Joseph. Stay tuned!

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