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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday again

Not today of course! I actually got to the church house about 6:00 last night! Wonder of wonders! Worship is 6:30 to 7:30. The 4th Wednesday night of the month is singing night. Steve, our preacher and best song leader, and Marlene are on vacation this week. Charles made the announcements then we had a prayer. Danny took over the song leading chores. He said, "The song leaders, in this order, are me, Don, and Bill. After that the next 3 song leaders are me, Don, and Bill." The 3 men did a good job and it was enjoyable as usual. About a year ago, Steve asked me if I could write a song about a certain verse. The lyrics came easy but it's a pain to notate a song, so I not only don't have much on paper, but I can't find my notes! Then a couple of weeks ago, during a slow time at work, I wrote another set of lyrics, using the same Scripture! I do have that one about half notated. When I get it done, I'll try to get someone to scan it so that I can put it here.

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