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Monday, November 9, 2009


The King without a crown – a foretold virgin birth (1).
He learned from a human father, a carpenter of the earth (2).
The great kings over Israel – He from Judah and Jesse did rise (3).
He’s in the lineage of King David, and King Solomon, the Wise (4).
God spoke to His earthly parents (5). They listened. They did not stray (6).
God knows each person’s heart (7). He spoke, and they obeyed.
The family was not rich. We know from their sacrifice –
A pair of little doves (8) – not a lamb to pay the price.
He grew in earthly stature, and in favor with God and with man (9).
From a royal but humble beginning (10), He is The Great I Am (11).
He ne’er dressed in regal garb, nor ever owned a home (12).
He had no bejeweled crown, nor had He gilded throne.
He often stayed with friends (13). He rejoiced at a wedding feast (14),
In sorrow (15), sometimes wept (16) – He’s our compassionate High Priest. (17)
He often was alone (18). He went to a garden to pray (19) –
Rejected here on earth (20) – Worldly rich turned Him away (21).
By Him the worlds were made (22). Through Him, we are reborn (23) –
The King without a crown – yet Divinity – crowned with thorns (24).

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- by Netagene, November 6-7, 2009 – I read the line, “A king without a crown”, in a blurb in the newspaper on Friday, November 6. It was about Matisyahu (Matthew Paul Miller), the only Hassidic Rasta Man. “King without a Crown” is the title of one of his songs. This one gave me a headache, trying to get just the right words and verses. I also think that it's silly or stupid to cry at something I wrote, but I did, at this poem. Reminds me a little of the people in the Bible who made idols from trees and rocks, then bowed down to them.

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