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Monday, November 9, 2009


I’ve studied God’s Word. I guess that it’s true. Depending on self usually will do.
I live fairly well. What more can I say? I’ll follow this Jesus – SOME DAY.
There’s all kinds of sins, some big and some small,
like little white lies that don’t matter at all.
I’m sure you’ll agree that the end’s a long way. I’ll follow Jesus – SOME DAY.
Sure, I sometimes curse, and tell dirty jokes.
I am what I am, not like hypocritical folks.
I’m hurting no one. I do what I may. I’ll follow Jesus – SOME DAY.
I cheat on my taxes, sometimes cheat on my wife.
Everybody does it. That’s part of life.
I’m loose when I work, intense when I play.
I’ll follow Jesus – maybe – SOME DAY.
I don’t know if it’s “God”, or just “something” out there.
I don’t worry about that. I haven’t a care.
I’m all that I need, so why should I pray? I’ll follow Jesus – SOME DAY.
I smoke and I drink, get rowdy and yell, but
never robbed a bank, no one have I killed.
I’m living high. My mind you can’t sway. I’ll follow your Jesus – SOME DAY.
I’ve lived a long life, always got by, grabbed all the gusto, reached for the sky -
Had to slow down. My hair has turned gray. Jesus? Well, maybe – SOME DAY.

He lived a low life, but he thought, “I live high!
There’s plenty of time. Maybe I really won’t die.
I’ll change later on from this life where I stray.
Oh … hello, Jesus. I didn’t expect You TODAY”

Like the rich man in Luke, the old fellow died –
Tormented in flames, for water he cried.
His “SOME DAY” is gone – too late to obey.
Will you follow Jesus? “SOME DAY” is today.

~ by Netagene, April 17 & 18, 2003 ~

This is one that “wrote itself”. I was driving home from work, listening to a “Southern gospel” music radio show. The DJ said “Jesus is coming back some day”. Something “clicked”. The song came so fast that I had to pull off the road to write it down. I almost could not write fast enough. If I changed any words after I got home, it was very few. I printed it in the church bulletin. One man used it as the “invitation” at church. Another used it where he was preached in Georgia. I heard that it was also printed in some other church bulletins.

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