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Sunday, December 6, 2009

I don't ...

or any other
time. I do well
to wash the
dishes, and clean
up any grime.
I’ve rarely been
excited about holly
and mistletoe, or
shedding trees and
pine boughs. And I don’t
want it to snow!
Any day off work is
pleasant, in winter,
spring, or fall. What’s
special about December?
Why “spruce” things up at all?
I don’t like “forced” gift
giving. “Dirty Santa” has
caused some fights! I “gift” to
those I want to. I don’t “groove”
till late at night.
So much money spent for nothing –
and the sin of gluttony – Too much
food and fussing during times for family.
One nephew gets real greedy. A sister sits and
whines. Old grandpa hates the others. You call that
“good times”?
Celebrate all you want to, lavishly in style. Isn’t it great
that we have choices! – each doing what makes us smile.
Nope! I don’t decorate for Christmas. That’s fine, then. I’m a
grouch. You can party and spend your money. I’ll snooze on my couch!
by Netagene
November 27, 2007

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