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Friday, December 18, 2009


I'll tell you my Christmas story, my thoughts about this "holy" day
Maybe you want insightful words - some Bible stories to light your way.
The very first thing I will tell you at this time of the year:
It's unscriptural to put Christ in Christmas,
though I doubt that's what you want to hear.
Secular writings tell the origin of Christmas, the debates and even if it should be,
But God is silent on such festivities, and that's what's important to me.
There were feasts at winter solstice, when pagans worshipped the sun.
Some folks decided to tie that in with the day that Jesus had come.
Candles and tinsel and evergreen boughs, gift giving and Santa Claus
Are all part of various traditions, and are nowhere found in God's Laws.
I know you think, "God will like it! A birthday party for Jesus is good!"
But God tells us not to be presumptuous. He tells us not to add to His Word.
I may think something is special, but God's thoughts and mind is higher.
I am not to add or take from His Word. I want Heaven, not eternal fire.
Some nations don't celebrate birthdays, since everyone starts as a child.
The distinction is how a person lives - a good life or one that was wild.
The Bible does not tell us when Jesus came to the Earth.
The Bible tells us some of the details, but it doesn't tell us to celebrate His birth.
God tells us to celebrate the Last Supper -
Christ's perfect life, that He suffered and died.
Remember that He arose from the dead. Now He sits and reigns at God's side.
To me, this isn't "holy day" season - just extra time with family and friends,
So I hope you won't think me a hypocrite when I give gifts to you at year's end.
Thanksgiving is always my favorite day,
with friends, laughter, food, and good cheer,
So please don't consider this a "holy day" gift - just

- by Netagene, Nov. & Dec., 2002 - I put a copy of this with the few presents I gave, including at work. I got reprimanded by the boss who, in a veiled manner, threatened me with my job. It was the old double standard: things were OK as long as I agreed with him. -

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