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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buses, Burn, 'n' Love

And no, that's not an Elvis song!

But yes, those 3 do tie in together for me.

Thursday from work I had paratransit to take me to the downtown public library for their free BPL@nite. It was to be an acapella quartet called Blast from the Past, doing 50s & 60s music. I got there in plenty of time. The group was setting up and doing sound checks, but was really loud. "Blast" was appropriate. The library atrium has floor-to-ceiling windows and glass-paneled doors, and the floors and walls are also hard, which of course makes the sound worse.

Much as I would like to have stayed, there was no way without getting more of a headache. I went outside and called the paratransit dispatcher, to see if he could get a driver for me way before my scheduled time to go home. He said he'd try. Rather than go back inside, I stayed outside - and though there was some shade, there was nowhere to sit, and the temperature was about 90. With so many buses breaking down, I had to wait about an hour (still earlier than my scheduled time).

I guess it was the heat, but Thursday night, I felt like my insides had spent the night on a roller coaster, so I called in sick Friday. I stayed in bed most of the day and didn't eat until about supper time.

Then yesterday, I got the 10 a.m. inbound fixed route bus, and got off nearest the Boost Mobile store. Shane lives close by and met me at that stop, and we walked back to Boost, only to learn that because I hadn't bought my phone from that store, that I would have to pay $10 for them to help me with a couple of things I couldn't figure out. We left. I'd bought the phone from Wal-Mart.

So ... because the fixed route bus in this area runs only every other hour on Saturday, he and I decided to walk to WM. That was almost 1 mile, with some sidewalks, some paths, and a little bit having to walk in the edge of a busy highway. We both had our white canes, though so many people don't seem to know what they signify.

Little old fat me ... I'm going to brag now! ... made it, even in the heat, and with not too much trouble. Shane is 38 and also overweight, but walks fast. He was kind enough to keep up with my slow pace. At least the sky was overcast and there was some breeze. Still, "hot" is hot!

After eating lunch at McDonald's, having the electronics clerk check my phone, and buying a few groceries, we got to the bus stop about 1:30, planning to get the bus that was to be out-bound at WM at 1:37. There is a shelter as well as 2 or 3 outside benches there. We sat on one of the outside benches, and waited ... and waited ... and waited. The weather was just as hot, the clouds had mostly dissapated, Shane is bald, and I am fair - I know to wear a sun-screen hat, but didn't. (I've bought a few from More about that shortly.

About 2:15, we knew that obviously the bus had broken down. With both of us about to bake from the sun, I tried to call my neighbor. He wasn't home. Shane didn't know anyone he could call except for some people who lived across town. Steve, the preacher, lives next to the church house, which is about a mile away, and a couple of blocks from Shane's house. I called him. Luckily he was home, and was at WM to get us within 5 minutes. That's the "love" part. Thank you, Steve!

Just before we got to my house, we saw the big bus. It was at the stop 1/2 block from my house. Because it was there, and because I know the route schedule, I knew that it had quit about 12 noon. The end of the line is a few blocks away, then it is to be downtown at Central Station at the top of the "odd" hours on Saturday. I stayed on my porch where I could see the bus. About 8 until 3, a bus slowly pulled away from that stop, and at 3:00, I saw a big wrecker tow the broken-down bus. I felt sorry not only for those of us who ride, but especially for the driver, who had to sit there for 3 hours ...

If only our mayors and city council members HAD to ride the bus every single day for a week: to worship, work, the doctor, the grocery, a movie, etc. ... then maybe the BJCTA would get some dedicated funding.

And finally (boy! I'm long-winded lately!) ... about the "burn" part - of course there was the heat Thursday evening but I didn't get burned. But when I got up this morning and started to brush my hair, when the bristles touched my skin, I realized that my forehead had gotten slightly burned. Next time, I'll wear a hat!

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