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Friday, June 4, 2010

Learning ...

I learned today ... that ants like to build nests (?) inside air conditioning units, which then corrodes and ruins parts ... and caused my house AC to quit. I came home early today, knowing that the AT&T phone man would be here, then luckily the HVAC man also called, so 2 things are fixed. (All I lack for this evening is to "fix" myself some supper!) Lee brushed off the ants, and I had some Amdro, which he then sprinkled all in and around. He replaced 2 or 3 parts, and I paid him. Groan. Oh the fun of home-ownership.

It stormed today right when I got home, and even with an umbrella, I got wet walking to the front porch! Then the sun came out and yes, it felt like a steam oven! But OH! the cool air inside feels so good! I've got it set on 78 but am going to have to raise it a little. With ceiling fans, I don't need the house to be 78! But just this one day having been missing AC for several days, it sure feels great!

And I don't yet have DSL internet service, but at least the jack by the computer is now working; lights are flashing on the router box for which I paid last week. The repairman said the DSL line should be working by late tonight or before noon tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be spoiled. I'll get rid of Juno dial up (which I've used almost exclusively for years), and after I'm sure everything is working as it should, I'll get rid of my land line and just use a cell phone - maybe get a Magic Jack. I've had Sprint for several years, and really like their plan because nights are 7-to-7.

I've sold 2 crocheted capelets, and will post a picture soon. (One lady hasn't gotten hers yet.) And I'm making a more or less circular afghan that the colors make it look like Christmas candy. I hope I'll find someone to buy it! The yarn costs $35.

And a friend and I are going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow - as if I need more yarn!

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