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Sunday, June 27, 2010


I just came across 2 blogs by taxi drivers! Well, there were a lot more, but only 2 that I was interested in. One is and the other is I was interested in the Dublin taxi blog because of an on-line friend who lives in Dublin. Angela has visited the USA and we have a lot of friends and acquaintances in common though she and I have never met. And it turns out that Tim drives for United Cab, for which I worked years ago!

John's posts were a variety of driving - transportation - philosophical things. I like everything that he wrote on June 14 about money, and in that same post, about driving.

Tim's also covered a variety of things, and one he mentioned was the little known but wonderful Little Manatee River State Park. I was driving for United Cab when the Sunshine Skyway Bridge went down. Scary! About 40 people were killed. We cabbies could have been on it but thankfully, none of the United or Yellow Cab drivers were. You can do a search about that disaster.

So ... that has given me an idea for something else to write about.


John said...

Aw shucks !
I am glad you enjoyed the blog. I started it around 3 years ago as a way of winding down after an all night. I tried to give it up 3 times but I kept it up.
Winners are just loosers who keep trying.
Best of luck.


Netagene said...

Thanks, John! If I ever make it to Ireland to visit Angela, I'll look you up - and I have a couple of old CDs of Enya! I actually miss being a cabbie even though even then, it was hard to make a living.