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Sunday, October 24, 2010


I just added another blog to my list. It is the one written by Jef Mallett, the gentleman who draws one of my favorite cartoons: "Frazz". Jef and his wife Patty share blog duties. Jef's post on Thursday, October 21, is about something that could be in "News of the Weird", one of the "truth is stranger than fiction" stories - about a crocodile that caused an airline fatality! (This happened August 25 - according to a "crocodile blamed" on-line search.)

"Frazz", like Jef himself, participates in triathlons. Jef himself just ran the Detroit marathon and qualified for the Boston, which seems to be the king of marathons (or whatever you call it). Frazz is about 30, educated, a grammar school janitor, dates Jane Plainwell, one of the teachers. There's a variety of students and teachers in the cartoon.

If you look up the regular site (not the blog), about a month ago, the site seems to have been compromised and for now, probably isn't safe to look at. But I take the local newspaper, and "Frazz" is one of the first I look at. (And thanks for the comment as to where you can see "Frazz" on line.)

The other blogs I list are, IMO, also good (duh! otherwise I wouldn't list them)! I'm glad I found the Dublin taxi driver's blog (John posts a lot of interesting pictures as well as commentary). Tim in Tampa, who happens to drive for the company I worked for years ago, also is interesting though his language is not always so clean. Henry Kisor's photography site (as well as his other blog) always has some beautiful pictures; he's also written several books which I've read, both his true ones and his murder-mysteries.

The other sites are interests of mine. "Posh Cakes" is the site of a good friend of mine, a self-taught cake decorator. Stephanie is also executor of my will, and is the daughter I wish I had. You'll be amazed at the decorating she does! She is married to a man who does construction work, and they have a son who is married (2 grandchildren), and a daughter in junior high.

One is the site for where I attend worship, and another is a huge site about the Bible. The ACB site is the American Council of the Blind, of which I've been a member for a few years. The HLAA is the Hearing Loss Association (I have a 40% loss in one ear, a slight loss in the other, and have hearing aids which I rarely wear because most of the time, I'm not interested in hearing the often inane jabbering!)

Another is for the Lakeshore Foundation, the only official paralympic training site in the world. As a legally blind person, it would be an excellent place for me to go, though right now I can't afford the dues. (It is a bit similar to the Y.) I have acquaintances who are totally blind who go there regularly to exercise, including swim. The Lakeshore Field House is also where I've seen the wheelchair athletes (one my "about me", I list "Murderball" as one of my favorite movies, a documentary of some of the guys who train at Lakeshore). They also have a program called "Lima Foxtrot", using 2 of the alpha-words for the military, and where a lot of wounded vets come for rehab and training. Anyway, Lakeshore is an amazing place, and people can go there and simply watch, free, any time. There is also a rehab home - I don't know what you call it - there, which doctors often send people for therapy for a few weeks' stay.

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