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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I witnessed

Well, I sort of witnessed ... I walked half a block to the fixed route bus stop a little before 5 p.m. to get the bus to the church house. My sight is such that I see only straight ahead, and that with one eye only, and even with glasses, don't see at distances well, so I turn a lot when I hear things.

While waiting, I heard a car in the parking lot of the shopping center behind the bus stop. The car stopped about half way between me and the building, and driver - I could tell it was a woman because she had on a long skirt which the breeze swirled - got out, as did someone from the other side. The other person had on a white shirt and dark slacks, so I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman.

These 2 looked like they were shoving each other, and kind of dancing around, sort of like 2 boxers. They sort of chased each other a little near the car, then the one with the white shirt on walked away real fast, and the driver got back into the car. The walker headed toward the building, then it looked like the driver tried to hit the other person (I later learned that was also a woman). The walker dodged, and the driver came at her at least one other time. The walker made it onto the sidewalk at the front of the building, and the driver pulled along side her and parked the car by the curb, got out, and they looked like they were going at it again!

About all I could see very well was when they were in the middle of the lot and closest to me, then I could see the one walking and the car aiming toward her.

A minute later, another woman (told me her name was Mitzi) drove close to me and asked if I'd seen what was going on, then she said, "Oh - you have a white cane". I told her about my usable sight, told her a little, and that I was about to call the police. She said that she just had, as she was in her car real close to where the other driver had pulled to the curb by the stores. She said, "The one in the car was trying to run over the other one!" So this lady and I saw the same thing.

Before the bus came, the police arrived. A few minutes later, Mitzi came back. She said she told the police what she and I both had seen, and that the driver had spoke up and told the officer that this other woman (Mitzi) had tried to run into her friend! ... then she changed her story and admitted she had tried to run down the other woman (who probably is no longer her friend). Mitzi said that she was told she could leave, and the officer was arresting and handcuffing the driver. She said she didn't have to give either her name and number nor mine. Mitzi may have saved someone's life.

(One of the cleaning ladies we had several months at work was a prisoner who lived in the area work release center for the state Department of Corrections [which all our cleaning ladies have been]. She told me she had shot and killed another woman, but "I'm not sorry I did it, she deserved it, and I'd do it again!")

Then the bus came, and I went on to evening worship.

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