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Monday, October 4, 2010

Where there's a will

Sometime last year, a friend gave me the name of a lawyer who does wills, as well as big corporate things. I got with him by email and fax mostly, and put a down payment on a will. Besides an executor, he also wanted a "second" in case the person I chose could not handle things. I have a good friend who I wish was my daughter. She agreed. I couldn't think of anyone to be my "second", so a week ago, she and I met personally with the lawyer. He is a "hoot"! We both really liked him. He and I have several acquaintances in common (I hesitate to call them all "friends")! His office will be my "second", so I had to stipulate in the will how I want any money that may be left, to go. Some I designated to the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, Birmingham Regional Center, with the majority going to the church I attend.

The lawyer asked if I had a Living Will and a Medical Power of Attorney. I do not, so he told me a week ago, that he'd throw that in, and for us to return today.

Each time, I ride the fixed route bus to town (12 miles takes an hour), she meets me there because the bus doesn't go close enough to his office, then later, she brings me back to the city bus' station. While we are out, we also go to eat, and maybe do a bit of shopping. Last week, we ate at Dairy Queen, a treat since there's none close to either of us anymore. Today, we ate at El Palacio. Of course it was also nice to take the day off work!

I've had my complete funeral and burial paid for, for a few years, and now my will, etc., is also completely paid for. So with a will, POA, and my funeral and burial all paid for, I guess I can die now! (Is that gruesome or what!)

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