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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pickin' up Speed to Leave

I'm on the countdown to quitting my job. When I turned 66 last May, I automatically went from SSDI to regular SS. I don't mind working at all, but the bus rides over the last almost 5 years are getting worse. Of course having the 2 incomes has been a wonderfulness! So I'm hoping that I've got enough backlog to live on come the end of next month.

I WILL miss my morning driver and some of the other riders. Jeff's been my driver in the mornings almost the whole time I've worked at ALDOT.

Today my boss (the district office engineer) called a meeting of the 4 of us admin assistants who were at work today, and delegated the others which of my chores for each to learn, or get better at, because the State will not hire a replacement until I leave, so I won't be there to train anyone. I know that most private industry businesses DO, but not the State. Once they start the new hire process, it can take several months. Doesn't make sense to me.

Of course I don't plan to sit idle. I'm already looking into volunteer work, though have found none yet. Also, one of the other bus riders told me this morning that likely I will be able to set up a day or 2 a week at the big clinic near downtown (he's one of the phlebotomists), and sell things I crochet: chemo caps and such. The clinic is on several bus lines. He's going to set it up for me to meet the person in charge of that. That would be wonderful if that works out!


John said...

Look this is just another bus stop on your way through life, the only difference is that today you get off the bus.
A new era in your life.
Time to catch up on Judge Judy.

Now that novel might get written!
You have 20 years of good health to enjoy.
Go get it TIGER.

Enjoy, and dance like no one is watching

Netagene said...

Thanks! LOL! Haven't watched any TV in awhile, not so much because of poor eyesight, but because when TV went digital, with only a box connected and no cable and satellite, all I can get is one channel (I think "House" and "Glee" are on it.) Guess it's where my house is located. Mother's 2 miles from me and can get 5 or 6 clearly with just the box. I wish I could get public TV!

As to writing? It's as if I can't NOT write, if that makes sense! Just watch me on that.

And as to dance - who cares! Read "Tuesdays with Morrie" about that. It's good. I enjoyed that book so much that I underlined a lot of his life lessons!