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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


That's what it's called. The Birmingham Public Library has free events at night sometimes. I've been to several. Most are at the main library, but some are at one of the branches. I attended one last night at a branch, and will attend another tomorrow night downtown. They start at 6:30 and last an hour or little more. Also, the library staff serves such as chips and dip, cookies, juice and coffee, etc.

I have seen "Joy, the Queen of Clean" (local amateur comedian, who works a full-time day job), "Sam Banana and the Bunch" (local men who used to be in the Warblers', the glee club of one of the high schools; they are as good as Sha Na Na, and as hilarious; I "had" to buy their CD); Muse of Fire (local theatrical troupe who does "guerilla" versions of Shakespeare plays, as well as improv, performing at the historic Sloss Furnaces; I read that in "Julius Caesar, considering the old pig iron furnace facility, the triumvirate rode in, not on horses, but on motorcycles!); Delores Hydock (local but nationally known professional storyteller - one of the best! and yes, I have a couple of her CDs); Carl Winters (the Kalimba King, also excellent - I've seen him twice and bought his CD); "After Class" (trio of hammered dulcimer, guitar, etc., who play a lot of Irish music, as well as a lot of other things - yep, I bought 2 of their CDs - the dulcimer player knew me from somewhere, maybe shortly after I moved here and attended some bluegrass festivals, or because I did a 2 hour bluegrass show on Saturdays on an old AM station); Irene Latham (local lady whose first novel, "Leaving Gee's Bend", was recently published); and more ... You can do a search on any of them, as most have either a web site, or some news article has been written about them.

Last night I heard "Riverboat John" Ferguson, from Huntsville, Alabama, who does Tom Sawyer/Mark Twain things, telling stories, playing music. "Tom Sawyer" is the NEA's "Big Read" this year, so the library is having a lot of events that tie in with Samuel Langhorne Clemons. John has a rich baritone voice, and played banjo last night.

Tomorrow night, "Muse of Fire" will do a bit from "Romeo and Juliet", which will probably be unexpected funny.

Wish you could join me there!

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Tressa said...

Netagene, BPL is thrilled that you are enjoying our BPL@Night programs. A lot of talent, time, and dedication go into creating these programs for our patrons, and it's nice to see how much they are appreciated.

See you at the next BPL@Night!