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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Here is one poem from "Root Out of Dry Ground" by Gilbert Morris (copyright 1981). It reminds me of an old Jimmie Davis' song, "The Three Nails" or "Three Rusty Nails", to which you can find the words on line. (Davis was twice Louisiana governor, as well as the musician who wrote "You Are My Sunshine".) Morris, a baptist preacher and college professor who has also written several novels, writes some powerful, thought-provoking poems in this small book.


You see this forge? For twenty years I've beat raw material into form;
How many two-edged swords and curving shears
and shields were on this anvil born!
This dagger - look you how the steel is married to the brazen haft
so smoothly that you cannot feel a line where blade slides into shaft!
To do good work has been my pride. I've been a father spawning life,
and this hot forge - my iron bride! -
has given birth to scythe, to lance, to knife!
But - since the day that Jesus died, my heart's been bound in iron bands.
I think of Him - the crucified - I made the nails that pierced His hands!

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