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Friday, April 9, 2010

The Library last night

"Muse of Fire" was funny, like they were last year. (Their site is Last night, they did 3 scenes from "Romeo and Juliet". One was a balcony scene (not "the" balcony scene), with Juliet and another girl upstairs, which overlooks the library atrium. Juliet was played by a petite girl with long dark brown hair. Her friend - what shall I call her, was larger, more "buxom". Romeo was played by a slight, fair, blonde-haired young man. (Well, they all looked to be in their 20s or early 30s!) Romeo's 2 friends had darker skin, and were the most athletic of the 5, including one or 2 jumping onto the back of the larger of the 3 men. Because last night was only a practice, they all wore black.

Even though I could not understand near all the speech, it was still funny. The library has hard walls and a lot of huge glass windows, doors, and display cases, so the sound was "bouncy". Muse of Fire does use Shakespeare's words, but because of performing at an old foundry, they adapt the plays and modernize them. Last night, there were some "high fives", and some "dancing" on the floor - I don't know what it's called, but where the man had one or sometimes both hands on the floor, and he was almost horizontal to the floor, moving in circles, etc., jumping up. I could tell that this one young man was very much a dancer.

Of course I also checked out 3 books while I was there. Even though I can again read the newspaper, large print is much easier. I got "The Accidental Tourist" (by Anne Tyler) though I think I read it years ago; "The Rough Rider" by Gilbert Morris (I hope this is a "stand alone" novel; his "Root Out of Dry Ground" is one of my favorites of all time), and one by Belva Plain (another of my favorite authors).

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