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Saturday, April 17, 2010


The only time those 2 words are used together in the Bible is James 2:24, and they are preceded by "not".

That was the subject of Kevin's sermon tonight, how to be saved, and it's "not by faith only".

Anthony, my sighted neighbor, and I first went to the Golden Corral at 4:30, as the church folks were meeting there for supper. Another friend, Shane, LB like me, got a ride with Steve (our regular preacher) because he lives close to him. I didn't feel like eating, but managed to get down some, not much, but more than I've eaten all day.

I still feel so rotten, and the internet runs so slowly (I have only dial up), that I'm not going to write much now.

I will say that if you realize that the way you were raised is in some way Biblically unsound, then it's a case of who do you want to be loyal to - Christ, or some person's idea of salvation. If any contradicts the Bible (and with so many beliefs, they even contradict each other!), if you have to break with your old beliefs, so be it. I hope that I would have the strength of character to change, if I see myself wrong. (And yes, it has happened to me.) The Bible says (Acts 17:11) that some were more noble than others, because they "searched the scriptures daily, to be sure the things taught were so". Don't take my word, or some famous preacher's word for it, but read and study the Bible yourself.

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